Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here is my attempt to catch my blog up with the current pace of our life. It's not too hurried of a pace nor has it been a harried time for us these past 6 months. But half a year's gone by! 

So here we go:
Our Christmas celebrations came at the very tail end of our unfortunate water damage repair season. Maybe it goes without saying, but moving one day before Christmas can kind of skew your view of what is important. And by skew I don't mean that all the extras and details just faded out of the picture and we were able to worship and rejoice peacefully. It was chaotic. We were sick. Some of us were hung up on one thing, some of us on something entirely different. The answer may have been polkadot jammies for all. 

Thankfully, our home was fixed and we were able to set up housekeeping here once again.

And then, in January, Mercy turned six! (And had a surprise birthday visit from Grandad.) What a little treasure this girl is to me.

And it got really icy- ice storm icy. We lost power and had no heat. Brrr.

So we wrapped ourselves up in blankets and read Tintin graphic novels to each other.

With my teaching unit on the horizon, I buckled down to prepare for it during February but my camera will tell us that we took some breaks to celebrate birthdays with family. Happy Birthday Grandma!

And we made up our own celebrations just because...

One mishap that I preserved on camera was The Night That Josiah Fell Out of his Bed. In his sleep, he somehow dropped his eye directly onto the sharp corner of the stairstep IKEA shelving we keep in his room. He had quite the black eye/black nose from this sleepstunt.

And then, Josiah turned four!

With my parents preparing to sell their house, my kids took some time to soak up some of the things they love to do while visiting there.

Since I posted last, Reuben has grown almost 6 teeth, become a crawler and now a walker, signs just a tiny bit and continues be made of the sweetest rolls you've ever squeezed.

In April, we joined our homeschool co-op in a field trip to the End of the Oregon Trail Museum. In reality, it was the End of Car Trips Without Dramamine for James.

In May, Reuben completed his first year. We celebrated quietly with lots of sugar. (See. Look at those rolls!)

The Montgomerys joined the Memorial Day masses in Chelan. We have the blue security bracelets to prove it. The beach and the pool entertained and the weather was pleasant. Here is James in his beloved "orange shoes".  They are very comfortable for someone who has a plantar's wart covering 1/3 of the sole of his foot.

"Is it time to go swimming yet?" "Will Logan be at the pool when we go?" "I saw Gracie at the pool when we walked by- we HAVE to go down there or we won't get to swim with her!" "When are we going to swim today?" "Can we go yet?"  This pool has become the absolutely main event for the kids. It's fun.

 And now it's June. We're done with our homeschool co-op school year. The garden has been planted. House and car projects continue. Here's to posting again before summer is over!