Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall is my favorite

Also a favorite.
That's what's going on this fall for most of us. With one boy at soccer two nights out of the week, another boy and a coaching dad out for a different two nights of the week, we've been busy. This Saturday is our first Saturday with two games to cheer. (I know many families have more than two kids in a single sport at once- it was just much easier last year when both Daniel and Michael were on the same team.)

Daniel and Coach Bob had their first game last week in which they slaughtered their opponents. The Panthers, Michael's team, had the weekend off last Saturday.

Happy watchers...

Popcorn and apples...


Go Dragons!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ChelanTime 2012

School has started up around here and we're enjoying our new routine: school some, go outside some, repeat. The weather has been summery still yet somehow pleasant now that the humidity has gone down a little in our neck o' the lack of woods. 

So while I'm still kind of in a summer frame of mind, I thought I'd finish up some sunny weather posts with this one from our time in Chelan. 

We love the extended family hang out time with cousins and second cousins. These chairs see a lot of use during the week we are there.

And we try to eat as much ice cream on the grass as possible. With sprinkles.

 And we share.

I learned this year that Holey Board has been renamed Clank. I like the little group of watchers in this picture.

I love that Bob builds sandcastles like this every time we go to the beach. Maybe the kids think he is building sandcastles for them. I don't think he is.

Wow, we're a big group. I'm still getting use to the fact that we kind of overwhelm, wherever we go.

Girls at Kellys, post ice cream.

Enjoying the AC.

Really enjoying the AC.

 Reuben in his pool get-up.  

Chelan, we'll be back!