Monday, September 28, 2009

What's going on over there?

Mercy styles her relationship with Josiah after the "mother and/or smother" format. Here's what I found the two of them doing after a long day at our homeschool co-op:

Josiah says: Stickers! Mercy and stickers are fun.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I really have TWO babies...

A post in which I will contemplate how close in age my youngest two are.

And some pictures, too.

Good morning, James!

Josiah and James are just under 18 months apart. I know people have children that are closer in age than these two... (Megan, here's your picture of Josiah holding James!)

And Michael was just 1 and a half when I had Mercy... So we've done this combo before.

But Josiah still seems very much a baby to me. Maybe it's that he stopped nursing only 8 months ago. It just wasn't that long ago that I was taking him in as a newborn to the same lactation consultant lady that I saw this week with James.

Sweet little boys... I love how God has created this family of ours. Two boys on the top end, my girl in the middle, and two boys on the bottom. So much potential for special sibling friendships.

Goodnight James!

Your powers are weak!

Although these images are quite funny on their own, imagine that you can hear Josiah speaking in Darth Vader's voice through the little sound box that is hanging down from Vader's head.

Friday, September 18, 2009


James William Montgomery

Born at 11:13 am on September 15, 2009

8 lbs 3 ozs.

20.5 inches long

Welcome, Sweet Baby James!

Looking a little pumpkin-y today, James... Amy, this picture is for you. Check out all that crazy hair!

Hooray! James is here!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Early Labor Record

As many of you know, I'm getting pretty close to having my fifth child. My due date is officially this coming Sunday.

Unlike any of my other pregnancies, I've been experiencing lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and prelabor signs. Really, I can't remember having any contractions at all until I'm in the hospital being induced for 3 out of the 4. The other one, my first, started at home and ended at the hospital but my memory of it is clouded by the fact that it was 7 years ago.

During dinner time last night, I was having some pretty consistent contractions and while I didn't really have the patience for doing so, my husband and I began writing down how often the contractions were coming, how strong they were, etc.

My contractions were coming between 2-10 minutes apart and we had listed some of them as "mild", "moderate", "stronger". You get the idea.

Daniel took one look at it and said, "Early Labor Record?! I'm going to make one, too!"

He brought this to us a few minutes later:

Really? "Ninja like" contractions?

(This made Bob and I just about fall down laughing, except that I was having a contraction and holding a sleepy Josiah).

And he wasn't done...

Pray for us as we enter into this time of superheroic measures of contractions!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Four Eyes

Recently, Michael became our first child to wear glasses. Turns out that he is rather nearsighted.

I assume that all the kids will need glasses at some point in their adolescence. Both Bob and I require aid for our vision. For me, it's those blinders that horses wear in parades. Keeps me from getting distracted in the ice cream aisle while doing the big Grocery Shop for the family.

For Bob, well, he got a Virtual Boy stuck on his head back in the early nineties. Never could get it off. But would you want to?

So Michael and I made a visit to the eye doctor...

...where he smiled real big and was given football cards for his efforts.

Since then, I've been trying to capture the little boy handsome-ness he displays while wearing them.

If you know Michael, you know he's a mover and that it's hard to capture him on film at times.

And now you also know how Michael looks in his War Paint.

Michael, you've been doing an awesome job at keeping your glasses "on your face, or in their case"! I'm so thankful that you remember to take them off before you wrestle! And I really do think you look handsome in your new glasses, Buddy.