Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to have a reading party before you go to bed

Put on your jammies and congregate somewhere cozy.

Snuggle up with whomever is onhand. Cousins are especially nice for reading parties.

Choose a book. It's okay if you've memorized it. The good ones are worth memorizing.

Wait patiently until it's your book's turn to be read.

Books are good for more than just reading. Build a fort with Calvin's Commentaries while you listen.

Show the babies how not too rip library books.

When you get sleepy, finish the chapter and put everyone to bed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Winthrop 2010

We're almost all the way through June and I haven't yet posted any pictures to commemorate our annual trip east.

So here are a few of them.

Mercy rides horsies on the deck... one of her favorite things to do at Gammy Carol's house.

Josiah doesn't like bouncing around up in the air. No swings at the park for this boy. When I found him like this he told me he was riding his horsie.

Michael spent as much time as possible in the sand box...

Daniel spent as much time as possible doing whatever his cousin Logan was doing. I think they may have chosen to dress alike, too.

While I didn't get pictures of everyone in attendance, I think Pa, Joy and James win the prize for being the cutest people there.

We took some walks and a hike up the ridge.

We saw so many of these delicate little flowers that seemed to grow right out of the granite outcropping up there. Pretty.

Grandad went fishing with Papa Jim one morning and Mercy was on hand to help tell everyone about the size of Papa Jim's fish.

Logan and Elena: You two are some of our very favorite friends! We can't wait to see you soon!

We love our visits to Winthrop... Thanks so much to Gammy Carol and Papa Jim for being such great hosts to all of us!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I love our stroller

Here it is at full capacity.

Well, it's probably over capacity.

But this is generally how we use it when we need to get movin'.

I really love that stroller...