Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reuben Rockstar

Daddy made Reuben a guitar.

Most days prior to this new guitar, Reuben would strum the broom (too big), a bow with no string (lower left) but no longer. 

And here he is on his stage.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What has happened since April

I think it's common knowledge by now that we've moved and I'm pretty sure that most people know that we're expecting Number 7 in December.

Those are the big things.
Oh, and Michael had surgery after a falling shelf severed the tendon on his left hand.

Apparently, none of those things are worth photographs- I found no record of them on my camera. It's hard to document 60 or so consecutive days of me lying nauseous in bed whilst the rest of the group is packing, selling our home and moving to a new house. It happened and we know it. We just don't like to spend time thinking about it.

So here's a collection of the small things that have happened since I last posted, a lifetime ago in April when we used to live next to the goats.

Reuben turned 2 in May

Josiah graduated from Co-op Preschool at the end of the school year.

Mostly I felt like James looks here, all the time. (This is at co-op on the day of our End of The Year Program)

Daniel helps by carrying Reuben around while other people make stacks and stacks of boxes.

Mercy helps too. And James wears jammies.

The New House. I'll post more pictures of it another time. Making breadsticks in the kitchen again means a small step towards normal.

Mercy caught this butterfly and took it every where with her until it died about three days later. Devastation.

Our deck is now a great hangout when it's hot or when you can't find a shirt.

Michael turned 9. Visible in this picture is his second cast, completely with snake eyes.

We made it to Chelan after a two week stint with the stomach flu. Never were the kids so thankful to learn that we were actually going after all.

It's too early for a picture but look how flat the lake is!

Daniel knee boards!

Daniel and I

Mercy and the camera cord

Josiah, James and Reuben hanging with Daddy in Chelan

 Well, there you have it. I'm sure some other things happened too, like the time I painted a shelf with Reuben and James and they ended up covered in white oil based paint. It still hasn't come out of James' hair. Or the many trips to Hand Therapy we've taken. And the unpacking and exploring of our new neighborhood.

August holds a few more adventures for us before we return to our school schedule for the Fall.