Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2013

We've been out of town almost every weekend this month. Soon enough we'll be hitting the books and the soccer field again so here's a little update on the end of our summer.

The uses for blue tape are apparently more numerous than I had imagined.

We made some miniature hot air balloons. This prototype was too small.

This happened for all of 20 seconds before it completely burned itself out. We did succeed with another one that flew high over our friends' property in Ferndale but that's a story for another day.

James decorated a poptart just like the residents of Krakatoa designed their homes in the book Twenty One Balloons. We read that story this year in preparation for the annual book party we have with some of our very good friends.

Book party fun: I asked them to make strange faces.

Happy babies.

We had the opportunity to join some of our co-op friends for the day while they camped on Labor Day weekend. We opted for the day trip and didn't spend the night but that didn't stop Josiah from getting fully dressed for the part. He loves hiking.

Daniel climbs

More camping fun: some of the daddies made a rope swing!

Yummy food

I think these guys were excited to see each other after a summer's long break from co-op.

And just for fun, I included some pictures from Augusts' past.

This is probably one of the last times (2007) we have been camping for real with our family. We had hoped to try again this weekend but alas, we chose a slower paced weekend instead.

Augustish 2006

And August 2005, when I was on some kind of modified bedrest while pregnant with Mercy. I wasn't able to do any lifting so the boys ate all their meals on the floor for a while. This looks like cinnamon toast for breakfast.

Soccer and school start next week!