Thursday, November 29, 2012


We spent Thanksgiving this year in Chelan with my parents, my sister and her fiance and my brother.

Significance abounds in the fact that we were all together, celebrating, eating and watching Bravestar together.

 Bright, crisp fall weather gave us some wiggle time outside. What's not pictured here is the Inaugural Soccer Game on Dad's Grass. Grandad, Bob, Uncle Josh and our boys tore it up after the long ride east on Wednesday.

 Then there were the preparations. Many hands made light work in our attempt to do the jobs Mom normally does at Thanksgiving. We all tried to pitch in while she is recovering from hip surgery. I think all of us would say that it was an education in how much work actually goes into a big family Thanksgiving meal.

 And it was the Year of the Paper Table Turkey:

We lined up to wash our hands

And sat down together to eat! (There you are, Dad!)

 The rest of our weekend was filled with many little moments of togetherness...

And we are thankful for them all.