Sunday, November 2, 2008

A few things I want to remember...

Here is our little buddy with his special blankie his Grammy made for him. My mom has made one for each of the kids to welcome them when they were born. She ended up making two for Mercy because we um lost the first one.

As each child comes along, it's so fun to notice the different funny things they do. I think I mentioned already that Josiah liked to have his hands up by his face when he was very little as you can see in this picture.
Josiah also had a funny habit of rocking himself to sleep. After I had swaddled him and put him in his cradle or into the pack'n'play we kept in the main part of the house he would shake his head back and forth until he was asleep. I thought it was a little odd. He did it almost every time. And when he was tired and not yet in his bed, he would start with the head shaking, letting us know that he was ready for a nap.

This baby of ours rarely fussed during this stage. Aside from the
nursing difficulties we had during his first 10 weeks, he has been such an easy baby. When I say that, I should also say that all our babies have been easy, really. We've been blessed to have babies that are healthy and relaxed in temperament.

Here are all four of our kids enjoying a visit with my sister, Auntie Heather. Don't let Mercy's pouty face fool you.

I want to remember these things about Josiah, too:

-He rolled over from tummy to back at four weeks. (I think he was a little top heavy when he held his head up.)
-He slept all night starting at 10 weeks, after the doctor told me I could stop waking him up to feed him at night.
-I didn't give him a bath until he was um 6 weeks old. He just wasn't that dirty! In retrospect, earlier may have been better...

-He liked sleeping in his cradle in our Baby Room... until he started wiggling himself into the corner of it with that head rocking I mentioned.
-He is the first child with whom I've used a Boppy to nurse. A friend of ours was so kind and gave us their extra Boppy. To this day, it is lavender with Disney princesses on it. Not very manly, Josiah! Maybe
I should have made a new cover for it with pictures of beef or car engines on it.

Josiah's First Bath

I'm sure there are many other fun little things I could write down about Josiah's early days but for the sake of finishing this post I'll end here. I'm going to try to write shorter more frequent posts so I don't get so bogged down on one long one. Ultimately, I'd like to catch up to what is going on in Josiah's life as well as in the lives of his brothers and sister.



amy said...

O man! He is a cutie!
I love that he has been such a happy baby for you.

And this line, "a new cover for it with pictures of beef or car engines on it." Pictures of beef! That is hilarious!

You are fun.

Rebecca M said...

I'm not sure I'd want to look at pictures of ground beef... or really any raw beef while I nurse.

Or at any time really.

Cows maybe.

I could look at cows. They make milk, too.

Carla Burlando said...

I love Josiahs enormous eyes.

Carla Burlando said...

ok now I'm picturing cows with big leaky udders. thanks. you really should start a line of baby accesories complete with "beef" themed nursery decor and tiny engine teething toys :)