Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yay Josiah! and some other things...

This little man took his first steps yesterday. Way to go Josiah!

Here are two other funnyish pictures I felt like including. They have nothing to do with Josiah and his first steps.

Michael helps me feed Jo sometimes. Here, he is feeding him yogurt. Josiah has a yogurt beard. Michael wonders "Am I doing this right?" Michael is a pleaser- the very distracted kind. He often finds out, in his absentmindedness that he has not completed a task up to anyone's expectations. But he really wants to do things right.

I don't have a problem with the yogurt beard. Michael is doing a good job. I just think this is what Michael is thinking here.

Mercy helps, too. Sleepy Josiah enjoys his bottle. Mercy might not be able to see me because of the lovely hairstyle she has here. She is enjoying this moment during which she can be a mommy to Josiah without him crawling away. Because when he crawls away, she uses the "roll on and smoosh" technique to let Josiah know what she wants.

And then she gets in trouble because "we don't roll on our babies, Mercy". Sometimes when she is talking about putting Tigger to bed (Not Fuzzy Tigger) or feeding Tigger or doing some other mothering activity with Tigger, she says Josiah instead. And sometimes she calls Josiah Tigger. I think this is an interesting little piece of how her mind works with regard to her "babies" at age three.

We are off on vacation this week! Hooray!

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amy said...

Yay Josiah! Can't wait to see it with my own eyes tomorrow!

Cute helper Michael!

Cute momma Mercy!