Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flaming Geyser Park

Recently, we took our dinner out to a nearby state park for the afternoon. I thought I'd post some pictures.

It was a hot day and the park was crowded with adventurers innertubing down the river and barbecuing.

We opted for a wander along this tame and refreshing little stream. Someday I'd love to live on some property with a little stream running through for days just like this.

Have a fun Independence Day weekend!


Stacy said...

Your older boys look like such little MEN in that first picture, Rebecca!

And you look ADORABLE pregnant!

Someday, if we ever move out to the county, we'd like a little creek on our property, too.

amy said...

Love all the pictures! I agree with Stacy about how cute you look! You are getting close!
And I think it would be a blast to all live on the same land playing in that creek together!