Saturday, June 12, 2010

I love our stroller

Here it is at full capacity.

Well, it's probably over capacity.

But this is generally how we use it when we need to get movin'.

I really love that stroller...


Carla said...

I love your stroller too! Those little seats underneath are so nifty.

Ells said...

I agree! I also love that Mercy is wearing rainboots in so many pictures. :)

What kind of stroller is it, and is the back seat removable? I'd love to purchase a jogger now that we can use when/if we have more babies but isn't cumbersome for just one. Yours looks like it fits the bill!

Oh, and can you put an infant seat on it? :)

Carolynn said...

I cannot tell you how many strollers I have had and it all keeps coming back to people who love their Phil and Ted's! At this point I think I will stick with my Ergo and a Cheapy one with a big basket underneath that my almost 4 year old can sit in when she is tired.

Ells said...

Ok, so I was TOTALLY sold on Phil and Ted's... and then a good friend here had a garage sale and we were able to get a travel system from her as good as new for $40. Maybe when I have another baby we can look into that amazing stroller again! For now, we're excited about saving money. :)

Rebecca M said...


Yay for your good deal on a stroller!

I wish I were closer so we could go baby-deal-hunting together!!