Friday, April 8, 2011

Josiah Grows Up

This little man of ours just turned 3.

It has been one of those seasons during which so many changes happen in a child that it's almost like you can watch them growing.

Josiah doesn't sleep during his Rest Time anymore. And if I accidentally call it his "Rest Time", he looks a little concerned and asserts that he isn't tired. The funny thing to me is that we just changed the name of Rest Time to "Alone Time" and that means something totally different to him. It means he gets to play in his room for about 90 minutes doing things like this:

I think what we have here is a special picnic for Monkey, Elephant, Afoo and Fisher. Owl is there too but we can't see him in this picture. They seem to be enjoying some delectable Magformers on top of Pinky the Blanket.

Only a few short months ago, Josiah slept soundly between 1:30 and almost 4pm. Every day. I would have to wake him at 4... Or he would just keep on sleeping. Now that he stays awake all that time, he's so much more active in general. He seems more physically involved in the world around him. He runs. He crashes into walls. Asks to go outside. Jumps on the trampoline. He eats more at meals and insists on doing many more things by himself. He needs even more firm boundaries to help him manage this newfound energy.

He's also potty training. The slow way. Which means that he's not some magical-diapers-to-underwear-overnight kid. But I think he's making pretty good progress.

I told him that when he was 3, he could try sitting on the potty.

Now he's 3! So I really couldn't put it off any longer. I think the potty training goes well with his new love of being a big boy.

So Happy Birthday, Josiah!

We love you very much and you make us laugh...

... especially when you fall asleep on your brother's comic book in your super suit.


Our Four Kids said...
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Our Four Kids said...

What an adorable post, Rebecca! He is so cute! You know, we started calling Trevor's nap time, "rest time," and so even if he sleeps, he tells us that he didn't take a nap, but rather "rested." We'd better make sure that Josiah doesn't tell Trevor what is happening in your house!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday, cute little man! :)

May you grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ this year and in all your years to come!

Blessings to you!

(I know we are fast-approaching the day when Adelia transitions from her nap to that kind of "Alone Time"~ but, um... we don't have the space for it and I can't IMAGINE her being quiet for longer than 2 minutes so I keep putting it off! Any tips?)

amy said...

Happy Josiah! We love you!