Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What we do in the sun...

... when I'm not hiding from it, that is. If you don't know this already, I'll tell you now: I'm not a big hot weather fan. But, sunny season has arrived. This is what we've been up to.

There's nothing breezy, shady or refreshing about our yard in the summertime, especially after we massacred our dying cherry tree. Our yard has become a veritable shade wasteland. But Dash Point Beach has trees, sand, refreshing breezes plus it's typically 5-10 degrees cooler on a hot summer evening.  So we like to take our dinner there.

We were somewhat desperate on this particular evening for a cooler dinner venue, a situation somewhat compounded by the fact that our blue 15 passenger van was still on blocks in the driveway. No blue van meant a hot drive in two different vehicles to get our whole family to the park. It I'm not mistaken, this day also included a drive to and from church in two separate vehicles, a trip home involving one flat tire and a lot of time trying to keep the two year old from succombing to carsickness. It might have been a different day that all those things happen... Maybe. I'm thankful that we could go but squishing into to non AC vehicles with broken windows that can't roll down made us especially ready to do this:

And then this:

And a little of this:

When the weather is not rainy, we've enjoyed some after church picnics at the park near our church. Typically, lunch is served picnic style in the car on the way home for our kids as we head home on Sundays but lately we've enjoyed taking our crew to the park. I had my camera out on one of these afternoons, after most of the stickiness of lunch had been wiped away.


James and I
Mercy helps 
What letter do you see?

And the goats. Had to include a picture of our new neighbors. The kids call them Chocolate and Diamond but I learned last night that they are really called Cinnamon and Gunsmoke. 


Carolynn said...

I love the pic of you and James! I can't believe how big Ruben has gotten! I saw a dove in the clouds, but J is good too!

Stacy said...

I love your pictures, Rebecca- and your evening outdoor dinners look fun! (Way to be a sport in the hot weather! Don't worry. I'm sure it will be cool very soon, and for many months. ;))

Excited to see you and your family soon at the Hollisters'! :)