Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We're in kind of a quiet lull at home and it's nice. No more four nights a week plus Saturdays of soccer. We eat dinner together. Bob and I loll around in front of a Netflix series that we can't not watch every night.

We've yet to decorate for Christmas but we will soon.

 The frog we caught as a tadpole last spring lives on despite our laziness in keeping him fed.

Mercy has a tooth that we just can't coax out. Well, two teeth. Those two front and center fangs are covering the grown up teeth that have come in behind them. Mercy looks funny.

So do Josiah and James...

Michael has been taking daily and nightly trips into the garage to "play drums". He invites us in to hear his songs. Sometimes he sells tickets to his concerts if he has a special song he wants to play for us.

This is his "drum set". (This is not a plea for a real set. I repeat...)

Michael does everything he does with heart.

Don't miss James enjoying Michael's singing/drumming show in this one:

And it's Advent.

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