Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring 2013

Bob was teasing me that I only post birthdays so here I am to say otherwise. Except, there is a birthday in there somewhere too.

Here's a little wrap up from Josiah's fifth birthday. He wanted a Dinosaur Birthday. This is how that worked out: several large dinosaurs accompanied him at his birthday dinner (at left) and one large dinosaur sat atop his ice cream cake for dessert. Per Mercy's suggestion, we made dinosaur footprints on the cake by dipping the dino feet into cocoa powder and making it walk on the top of the cake. Easy. Fun.

Mercy might love birthdays more than anyone in our household. This year she made Josiah a watch out of an empty roll of blue tape. She did this in January, I think and saved it until the end of March in her closet so she could give it to him.

More about Mercy: She has learned to ride without training wheels. Or rather, she has realized that she has been able to do so for a long time without really knowing that she could. Daniel took her training wheels off on Saturday. Off she went on her own with the surprising and necessary skill of stopping well. Neither of our earlier bike riders could stop without jumping off or crashing at first. This is definitely an example of the when-you-are-ready-it's-easy-to-learn concept.

We celebrated Easter at our house this year. Nice weather meant that we could color eggs on the back deck in our playclothes after church. 

And hunt for eggs in the front yard.

We didn't get a family picture of Bob and the kids and I but we did get one of my siblings and I.

Reuben in the grass

After a busy weekend of prepping our house for sale and Easter festivities, we were not quite ready to head to co-op on Monday. We ended our 6 weeks of studying physics by dropping raw eggs from the top of a ladder truck. Firemen came to co-op to assist with this and families and students brought their own specially designed capsules to protect the egg on impact. 

Ours didn't survive this year!

 I visited Josiah's co-op preschool class briefly. He was coloring the letter U today. Next year will be his first year in the K 1 class at our co-op.

So that's what I've got so far for Spring 2013. I'm hopeful that the next few posts will include info about the sale of our current house and the purchase of a new one. Please pray for us!

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