Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer can be an okay season

Despite the sports-driven routine, despite the small structure we have put in place for our day, despite spending the months just prior to summer longing for a break from our school life, I often find myself restless and sometimes even a bit purposeless during the summer months. Summer has just never been a favorite time for me for various reasons.

Today I'll post pictures of things we've done recently that I have truly loved to remind myself of summer goodness.

James continues to take deep long naps in the afternoon, if I let him. On this day, he asked for Duplo legos to play with and I obliged. I would rather that he spend a little time playing alone in the afternoon during his Quiet Time than take a fullfledged nap. I checked on him ten minutes after I had shut the door and this is how I found him, with the cord of the fan in hand. Where we live, fans and summer go together.

Canning season happens during the summer. It has to because of the sun. I made raspberry jam a few weeks ago.

Earlier this summer, I made strawberry jam. Lots and lots of it. I think we've decided that we might go through a pint jar of jam once every 1-2 weeks. I'm set on making enough this year. We ran out in February this year! 

Daniel is so very into baseball right now. Today, he sat and listened to the Mariners lose on the radio while texting his Grandad as they rejoiced and moaned together over the ups and downs of the game. I love that he has time to do that during the summer.

Free kids' lunches at Ikea. That's right! 

And, of course, summer for us means a little vacation.

And, summer means we get to celebrate our anniversary, just the two of us. Maybe we should celebrate our anniversary quarterly during every season?

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