Friday, January 9, 2009

Josiah In June: 4 Months Old

So I'm going to make an effort to whip out these posts I've been planning of Josiah. Currently, he is NINE months old and still growing and I'm hoping to catch up to present time. I don't like exactly how this catchup blogging is going. Bear with me?

So, pretend we're in June of 2008!

Four kids on the couch. I think it's funny to see the break down as I try to get a good shot of them all.

Daniel is a good big brother- my choice for Baby Holder during group pictures. Oh and upon seeing this picture, a friend was asking if Mercy's hair was cut in this picture. The answer is no. It's just pulled back with hair clips. We have yet to cut her hair, save for the initial reshaping hair cut that took place when she was about one year old. Her hair looked kind of ridiculous and needed a fresh start. Now its really long, requiring a serious hair-doing session each day. It usually goes well if it's clean. If it's not so clean, it's a great training moment!

Michael, who is almost 4 at the time snuggles his newest brother. If you don't know Michael personally, I'll just tell you; Michael is a very snuggly guy.

At four months, Josiah is cheerful and relaxed. Smiley, calm, cooperative. Sleeps all night in his own room. Bounces in his bouncy seat. Coos at us. Takes three naps during the day. He's the kind of baby I wondered about when I had my first.

Not that Daniel was real difficult. He was smiley and calm too. I just didn't know how to help him learn to go to sleep by himself and we spent the whole first two years of his life learning the trade-offs of having a snuggly baby who just wanted to keep on snuggling with us. All night. I wondered about these babies that I had heard about that slept for longer than 35 minutes at a time.

Thankfully, we learned from the Daniel experience. I do think Josiah is extra laidback and therefore an easy sleeper just because God made him that way. He's also my fourth. At this age, when it's almost naptime, he yawns once or twice and I swaddle him and put him in bed. I'm a different parent than I was when I was a parent of one. Not that I'm a better person because my child sleeps all night- the wisdom we've been putting into practice with our kids comes from God, not ourselves. I'm so thankful that we don't raise these kids on our own strength!

During his babyhood I have thought more than once "Oh, how I love this sweet baby stage! I wouldn't mind having another one of these cuddly things." I know that some day we really will be "done" having kids. I can't imagine what it will be like.



Stacy said...

Have I mentioned that I only recently discovered you were BLOGGING!?!?!?!

Very fun.

And I love your cute kids' faces... great pictures of them on the couch!

Ells said...

WHAT a sweet baby.

amy said...

Josiah has been such a sweetie! I am so glad the Lord blessed you with him.
It will be fun to watch such a laid back baby grow up... will he continue in this pattern?

Do you french braid Mercy's hair?