Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Josiah in July: 5 Months Old

First, a series of attempts to photograph the kids in their "4th of July" clothes. We are in our backyard and the weather is sultry, overcast and humid. Weird weather.

It must have been bright, too.

I like this one of Mercy and Josiah. They look like they are ready to take off in a spaceship or ride on a sled. And Mercy's not sticking her finger in Jo's mouth.

Here's Josiah on the 4th of July at the local Independence Day festival with Bob's parents. I think Josiah slept most of the time while the rest of us paraded and picnicked.

I love going to see a fireworks show on Independence Day but we've stayed home most of the years since we've had kids.

Most of the years, that is, except the year that I was pregnant with Mercy and the boys were 3 and almost 1. That year we went to Tacoma to see the show on the waterfront. We felt kind of wild and crazy keeping Michael and Daniel up and on the beach until late at night just to scare them out of their wits with loud noises and flashing lights. But it was fun... and very tiring.

Promptly the next morning, I began hemorrhaging in a big way and spent the next month on bedrest. Mercy was born at term 6 months later, a healthy girl, but I always think about that when I think about the 4th of July.

This is kind of an odd, blurry picture but I wanted to include it because it reminds me how Josiah used to fall asleep by himself when he was little. Now he sleeps on his tummy with his stuffed elefant. Then, he would curl his arm over his head, his little forearm over his face. Goodnight, Josiah!

These next three are from a camping trip we took with my parents and we'll call it Josiah's First Camping Trip. We, or maybe I should say I, have become camping weenies since having several small children and we opted to stay only one night... I think.

I love camping for the outdoor time and the meals around the fire. I really do love camping. I just want to wait until our kids are better at sleeping all together in the tent at night. That is, unless Grammy and Grandad want to give some of them a spot in their tent trailer next time...

Grammy and Josiah enjoy the view on the beach...

Josiah naps in the tent trailer... Notice, please, the feet in the background. Those would be my dad's fly fishing hip waders...hanging up to dry... not real people feet.

I think this shot was taken when we were all back in the car, dirty and happy and tired, going home. I just liked the way Josiah was clutching his blankie.


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Ells said...

ahhhh, those are such sweet pictures. I particularly like all of the kids' faces when they're squinting at the sun and Mercy is peering up into the camera. :) So cute!

I'm so glad that you and Mercy were both ok after an issue like you had. So glad.