Saturday, March 28, 2009

Josiah has a birthday!

This little boy had his first birthday a week ago. Funny baby. Josiah enjoys exploring these kitchen cabinets that are wide open to better accomodate his curiosity. Yes, that must be why they don't have doors on them...

Aside from enjoying the freedoms of crawling about the house, Josiah likes balls and mini bagels. For some reason, he gets to eat a lot of mini bagels. I'd rather he eat more fruits and vegetables. We're working on that. It's definitely not his fault. He likes fruits and vegetables, too. We're just experiencing a lack of kitchen functionality. We won't go into all the reasons for that just now. (It may have more to do with a lack of mommy functionality than the um kitchen.)

I love watching Josiah's language development. Currently, he's doing a pretty good job of frantically signing "more" and "please" and sometimes "thankyou" at mealtimes. He's frantic because he's in a huge hurry to get whatever is coming to him. He also just started signing "water", although his version is sticking his finger in his mouth. I think it's cute.

Some of the words he says are:

Ball - "baaw"

Bottle - "bobbin"

Daddy - "daadeee"

Mommy - "mama"

Other things Jo does, just for the record, include crusing everywhere and standing alone for short periods of time. He likes to have crawling races with Mercy and he does not like to be constantly touched, hugged, poked, kissed nor sat on by her. (But this seems to be part of his daily routine.) He sucks on his stuffed elephant's trunk during naps and at night. Gross. We wash elephant as often as possible!

Okay! On to his birthday party...

We celebrated with family this evening at a restaurant- it worked out fine but generally going out to eat is not the easiest with all the wiggly kids. We all had a good time, I think.

The birthday boy checks out this gift from his cousin.

Michael helped with the opening of presents. Michael also fell backwards out of his chair, climbed into an adjacent booth to "fix" the window blinds and visited opposite ends of the table by crawling beneath it during the course of our meal. Daniel was busy playing with Auntie Heather's Iphone... Mercy was somewhat stuck in her booster chair. Really, family gatherings should not take place at restaurants but sometimes they have to... We will be sharing more of our behavioral expectations with Michael beforehand if there is a "next time".

And then we had little brownie cupcakes topped with Cool Whip. Josiah gobbled up the Cool Whip and rejected the brownie.

Happy Birthday, Josiah! We love you, Jojo!

Just had to throw this peaceful moment in here... I think they are all playing this game by their own rules. None of them actually know how to play Bionicle at this point but that doesn't matter. It was a relaxing afternoon.

That's all for now,

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Carla Burlando said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Josiah!