Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Return to Blogging?

I sure hope so. Posts have been extremely sparse to nonexistent around here due to the morning sickness portion of my current pregnancy. But I've missed the little updates to our family record here and my intention is to post more often again. Oh and I had a request for more fun pictures of the kids, too. I can oblige!

Mercy enjoyed this box until she realized she couldn't push herself in it. She's very persuasive. She got all her brothers involved by the end of the evening.

Josiah looks uncertain here...

I'd be concerned too, Jo Baby. She doesn't have a great track record with you, does she?

Look closely at Daniel (the one standing up). He is posing for this picture. Goof.

I like this one of Michael and Mercy. I like how their smiley eyes have the same squinty shape.

Daniel gave a report on circuits and electricity at our homeschool co-op this week. He got himself all dressed up and ready in the morning in his "nice" school clothes. Here he is giving each of his classmates a chance to switch on the light and "complete the circuit" to make the light bulb come on. I'm proud of his ability to speak to his class comfortably. He is required to give a report about 6 times a year at co-op which has given him a great opportunity to practice this skill.

We love our homeschool co-op!

Bob found this on the kids' bedroom door. It says: No one allowed except MichaelDaniel. (With some alternate spellings and the lovely skull and cross bones below...?)

Mercy might be too big now for a sink bath but we do it anyway sometimes.

Now that wasn't too hard to do was it? At 15 weeks, I'm staaaarting to feel better. Blogging is by no means at the top of my list of things that I want to return to doing more often. No. The list is more like this:

-Make dinner more than once or twice a week
-Speak kindly and quietly
-Begin some fun read alouds with the kids in an effort to "do school" again
-Finish the laundry

It's a short list but when it's time to break out of survival mode, its baby steps, right?

Enjoy these silly funinabox pictures!



Carla Burlando said...

I certainly did enjoy your silly pictures :) I didn't know you were pregnant again...not that its a shock or anything. Congratulations guys!! You have adorable kids. Welcome back to blog world!

Stacy said...

I loved the pictures!
Glad you posted again!

Jodi said...

Cute pictures!!! And seriously, your to-do list is one I would be proud of completing, and I'm not 15 weeks pregnant. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Ells said...

hooray! It's great to hear from you again.. and soon after a phone-call-treat from you too! :) Thanks for both!

amy said...

Love these funinabox pictures. Mercy has matured in her face so much since the last time I saw her! Little cutie!

And Josiah! Almost 1! Crazy.

And how exciting for Daniel to give a report like that. I am sure he did a fabulous job. God job Danny!

Rebecca M said...

Thanks ladies!!

It feels so good to "do something" again after weeks of not much.

And, yes, Josiah will be one this weekend! Sweet guy! He's at such a fun stage right now.

Sue and Michael said...

What fun, looking at all the pictures that I have not seen. I love your sense of humor as you describe what the kids are up to. I had forgotten to look at your blog. Guess I have missed out on quite a few entries!!
You are a very special mommy!! I love you and your family. Keep on blogging! It is a great way to use your writing skills, by journaling about your our amazing grandkids!!!!! They are THE BEST! Looking forward to Lake Chelan!
Love, Grammy