Friday, October 30, 2009

Making Breadsticks

We're still here!

And while uploading pictures from the camera I see that we have been making breadsticks. Wednesdays are Spaghetti Nights at our house. Generally, I try to make some kind of bread item to go along with our meal.

The bread maker, as well as many hands, make these breadsticks light work.

Josiah at 19 months is old enough now to join us at the counter on a chair. I give him a little pile of flour and he spends most of the time licking it off his hand.

Mercy is wearing an apron I made for her last Christmas. (Home made craft type projects are my favorite kind of Christmas gifts. Note to self: It's high time to get going on those!)


And we're done! If you look behind the row of kind of smiling kind of looking at the camera kids, you'll see that this recipe makes quite a few breadsticks/lumps. They are almost always gone at the end of Spaghetti Wednesday.

Nothing against Playdoh but I've always though real dough is more fun.


Ells said...

I like how Josiah is in the mix whenever he can be!

amy said...

This impresses me Rebecca. So, often I allow the thought of the mess to stop me from a great project like this.
And you are right! Why play with fake dough when you can make breadsticks! Yum.