Tuesday, October 6, 2009

School Time in Mostly Pictures

Come on in... We're in the middle of School Time...

It's about 9:30am... We've had breakfast and Circle Time. The kids are dressed and so am I. And everyone is in their School Time Spot. Yes, James is in the changing table portion of the packnplay. On the floor. I just finished feeding him. James is far enough from Josiah that I'm not super worried that he will get something from inside the packnplay dropped on his head. But I'm watching for that...

The boys are working on their math lessons. Mathusee blocks. Crayon box. Math books. And the counter is covered in random stuff.

Mercy sits below our calendar happily drawing with dry erase markers in a special coloring book. Her blanket is visible off to the right in the living room with another activity for her to switch to in a few minutes. I didn't do her hair this morning.

Hi Josiah! Don't throw anything on your brother! Thank you for not crying during School Time today! James, if you need any wipes or diapers, they are right there by your feet.

Daniel pauses to smell a crayon. I'm pretty sure.

"Five plus two is the same as... One. Two. Fwee. Fur..."

We're just going to finish up this math, do a little grammar and handwriting, play a game with our history vocab and then we'll be done!


Jodi said...

Love seeing your school time! And ohhh that baby... so cute!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the peek into your day. You are a wonder!

amy said...

I love the way you tell the story Rebecca.
It is amazing how calm moments like this one can be... and then how INSANE the next moment is when the older two fight over a crayon while the girl gets in a mood over ?, the baby decides he needs to fed RIGHT NOW and the other boys does a flip and hurts himself.
Am I right?

Happy schooling!

Rebecca M said...


Oh yes, Amy! You are so right! We have the very same moment you described every day. Several times a day! I often get a little too worked up about the insanity as well, which adds to the chaos. (Read: I yell at everybody to settle down! Boo on me.)

I'm so thankful that God gives us these peaceful moments as well. I think that is why I feel the need to document them- not because I'm "proud" of the way I'm running things around here but because I know where the peace in our home comes from- Thank you, God for your Presence in our lives!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so blessed to see how you are doing school. And so blessed by Amy's comments as well. I get discouraged since we're really just starting out at the days when it all goes wrong and you think "This is nuts!" But I'm trying to remember the scripture about not becoming weary of doing good... Thanks so much for sharing your day, it's an encouragement to me!

Carolynn said...

Great job keeping us updated! James is a cutie I love his hair! Thanks for the idea of the prayer jar, we too pray for random things. Our school days get started way too late! I would love to hear more about circle time, to see what we want to add to ours!

Stacy said...


I keep forgetting to ask you if you'll do an update post on cloth diapers (Do you love them, hate them? Pros/cons. Are you happy with the brand you purchased? Are you able to keep up with the laundry? What's your system?)

As IF you didn't have anything else to do! But if you'd ever like to give an update, I'd love to hear it! :)