Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Fall Recap

 So... many of you know this already but there's a reason I've been laying low for most of the fall season. I spent the better part (or worse, depending on how you look at it) of September and October on that couch right there, working on our newest edition. Yay! He or she will hopefully join us at the beginning of May 2011.

 While the fall really has been a blur of days for me, the kids have continued on with their exciting post-worthy lives.
  For example, James taught us all why we don't store the open boxes of cereal on the lower shelves of the pantry anymore.

The little guy also enjoyed his first birthday, a day he shares with my mom. Happy Birthday James and Grammy!
It is not unpleasant to be entertained by space traveling children while you rest on the couch.

I love that all of these Halloween costumes came directly from the dress-up bins. No prep or sewing required!
Daniel celebrated his 8th birthday with a family Redwall birthday party and an ice cream cake. He really didn't think he was going to get an ice cream cake.
 And finally, we were blessed to celebrate Thanksgiving with some special people, including but not limited to my Grandma Irene, shown here with Grandad and James.

I'm feeling much more functional these days. 

And for that I'm so very thankful!


Stacy said...


Functional is good. :)

Love you!

amy said...

I love you guys. I miss you guys. The whole time I was reading this I was thinking, "I've got to go visit them or see them somehow!."

Happy season off of the couch friend!

Jodi said...

Oh I'm so glad you're feeling better! I especially enjoyed the space traveling children. :)

Carolynn said...

Congrats!!! I am so very excited for you and your family. Thankful you can get off the couch now!

Ells said...

those sweet kids of yours are just adorable! So glad you're feeling better, Rebecca!