Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warrior! Knights! A One Act Play

 Written by Daniel and Michael
Performed by Daniel, Michael, Daddy, Mercy, Josiah and Mommy

(Intro on piano by Michael)
Narrator 1: "This is the story of how Baron Edward overpowered King Richard the Lionheart."
(Be to the Ba2 bas1): "We must kill Richard, he is a threat to us barons."
(Ba2): "Yes."
(Mercy nods)
Meanwhile: (KrL to Co): "I will challenge him."

The Challenge
(Krl goes to castle of Be): "I challenge you!"
Be: "I accept."
Na: But King Richard thought and wondered if he had made a good choice. (Note: in battle field)

The Battle
(Be and KrL circle)
Be: "Prepare for death!!"
KrL: "I'm not so sure."
Be: "Hi! Barons! (Barons attack)

The Surrender
KrL: "I surrender."
Be: "Then come with me. Come on, lads!"

The End


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