Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy Chelan Trip

Looks gorgeous doesn't it? All the snowy hills with the lake down below.
We were blessed to spend New Years with my side of the family in Chelan a few weeks ago.

I have a ton of pictures, mostly of outside frivolity in the sunshine but I also have to tell about Josiah and the snow. We know already that at age 2 and 3/4 he doesn't enjoy the sensation of sand touching any parts of  his body like what might occur at the beach. Swinging on a swing? Not an option for him. Slides? Nope.The resulting wet clothes of a drippy sippy? Complete disruption of his day. And horror of horrors, having to walk bare foot in the house on a kitchen floor not yet swept? Tearful howls of "Deh is a pees ob WICE on my TOE, Mommy!!!"
We now know without a doubt that snow and slippery surfaces are on his Do Not Attempt list as well. Quite a bit of our fun outside time was spent patiently instructing him that he didn't have to like the snow or the sledding or the "swippewy" ground but that crying about it was unacceptable. I think Grandad had the most success by making Josiah repeat nonsensical phrases like "One Two Buckle My Shoe" while giving him a very unwanted ride in a snow tube. Not sure how that helped the little guy but we'll know who to go to in the summer when every child of ours but Jo is ready for some beach time.

Now for the pictures:
Go Michael! How amazing to be able to walk right out the door and sled for hours!

Daniel sleds past the Wampa caves he built in the snow. 

Mercy and James get ready for a ride... Unlike Jo, James loved every thing about the snow. He rolled in it, tried to eat it, and begged for more sledding.

Here we have Daddy pushing Daniel, Grandad and Michael, Andrew (standing up), Heather, James and Mercy all ready to race down the driveway.
James spends a little time practicing his walking inside. Much easier without all that snow gear.

Grammy and Daniel cross-country skiing up and down the road

This picture of Daniel reminds me of me. Plus he's wearing my hat. Might be part of it.
It was a bit chilly outside when we headed up for our snow tube adventure.

Up they go! Bob, Mercy, Michael and Daniel head up to check out this tubing hill.

Mercy even went, all by herself!! I was impressed.

Grammy and Grandad entertain the little boys with rides in the snow tubes at the bottom of the run
And here's Josiah quietly repeating "Giddyup Horsey" and other comforting phrases while Grandad helps him acclimate to the snow and the "swippewee-ness".
Strangely, after barely holding it together while on the icy ground with me, Josiah found complete heaven in this pile of hay at the bottom of the tube run. He and Mercy spent 30 minutes chasing eachother and throwing hay all over me and themselves while the bigger boys took a few tube runs with Uncle Josh. 

And that wraps up another long string of Chelan pictures. Thanks Mom and Dad! We had a great time!!


Cutzi said...

This looks like SUCH a fun time Rebecca!! Truth be told, I am very snow jealous. I'm longing to curl up inside a cozy house with the snow sparkling outside and not have it melt right away.

amy said...

Josiah! You are funny! Was Michael this way at this age or is this unique to Jo?

What fun you guys had! I love all the cute happy faces doing outside adventures!

Rebecca M said...

Cutzi, it was such a cozy couple of days! Frigid but sunny outside and warm and snuggly inside.

Amy, interesting that you should ask about Jo's similarities to Michael- Michael seeks out all those interesting tactile experiences, doesn't notice if rice might be stuck to any part of his body and generally loves movement of all kinds. I think Josiah is his polar opposite in that respect.
Interesting, huh?
Love both of those little weirdos to pieces!