Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Remodel Report

We have begun the process of preparing to put our house on the market. The list of projects is loooong and includes finishing the fairly difficult and time consuming remodeling we've been working on for 6 years. It also means packing up lots of our stuff. Mainly books, I think.

Last weekend, Bob pulled up the bathroom floor, fixed what he found beneath it and put new linoleum down in it's place. He finished by caulking the living daylights out of that new floor. Water, beware! You will not be making a home beneath our bathroom linoleum any time soon!

See that gleaming white new caulking around the bottom of the toilet? Little boy pee must now find a new resting place!

My mother-in-law surprised me with an afternoon virtually to myself on Saturday which was a very beautiful thing. This is what I did with it while Bob and his dad worked away on the bathroom floor:

If you find yourself in our garage, you and the place you belong will be labled with blue tape and a black Sharpie.

And then, since we weren't really that tired, we set out to solve another little problem. This time, in the kids' room.
Pieces of the toddler bunkbed we ordered a few weeks ago all lined up by the removed bathroom door and the roll of linoleum.

Baaaaarely fits... but it FITS! (This nook is where Mercy's toddler bed used to be. It is only as long as a toddler bed and NO longer.)

 Many of you know that all four of our older kids share a room while James somehow gets one all to himself. What this has meant for the past year is that Josiah (2 3/4 years) has been sleeping in a packnplay in the kids' closet. This closet, like all the closets in our house, currently has no doors. But now! Josiah has a Big Bed. This evening, I told him to take his books and get in bed. He gave me a sad look and said, "I can't get IN my bed." Suddenly, he must have remembered that he has a new Big Bed and he took off down the hall with his reading material, exclaiming, "I have a BIG bed! I have my BIG bed!" He couldn't get in an out of the packnplay but he can climb into his bunk all by himself. But not out. He has to ask permission for that.

Josiah tests out the bouncy-ness of his new mattress, complete with Buzz and Woody bedding, while Daddy finishes building his new bed.
 And there it is! A mini bunk bed with a space for Josiah on the bottom and for Mercy on the top!

If you would, please pray for us while we continue to spruce up this place and make it market-worthy. We have faith that God can make amazing things happen, even in a crazy bad economy.

I can't wait to see how God chooses to be glorified in our housing situation as we prepare to welcome yet another Montgomery in May.


Stacy said...

You make me laugh!

This, especially: "If you find yourself in our garage, you and the place you belong will be labeled with blue tape and a black Sharpie."

Great work, both of you! I am SO excited for you about that BED! Hooray! And great job working with the space God has given you... it's a challenge but one you tackle really well, Rebecca!

Praying for you guys...

Jodi said...

You make me laugh too. :) And I was hoping I had read earlier posts correctly when you said toddler bunk bed. May I ask where you got it? I have a bed dilemma going on over here and that could be a potential solution. Praying about the sale of your house!

amy said...

Wowee! Great job friends. You have been hard at work. Taking a break from the leizure of raising 5 and growing 1 I see. :)

Josiah! I love your new big boy bed! So excited for you. And Mercy? You are a top bunk girl now?! That is super exciting.

I am praying. I know that God will supply all of your needs. He will guide you to His good plan for you. And I am praying that includes a speedy sale of your house.

Cutzi said...

LOVE the new toddler bunk. Such a creative solution!

And good work you guys. I breathed relief for you after I read all that you'd accomplished. I know it feels so good to get things done.