Tuesday, December 13, 2011

JamieJames gets into trouble

Do you know this boy? 

Sweet-tempered, chubby and contented. Big brown eyes in his squishy face. 

That's James.

Today, he so sweetly wedged himself into this cabinet. 

He brought me the tube of toothpaste and showed me the minty white moustache he applied to that chunky face. 

At dinner, his nose contained not only large crusty boogers but also a carpet thread that he was saving there. 

The other day, it took him four big bites out of this candle to decide that it was yucky. He looks concerned but probably not for the right reason...

A few weeks ago, he convinced us all that he'd swallowed a small toy. We haven't found it. 

At two, James' vocabulary is increasing but he tends to rely on miming his thoughts to us with a few sound effects. When he tells us about the vacuum, it sounds like, "This. This. NNNNN!" But while he says that, he's signing "loud" and pretending he's vacuuming and pointing to the electrical outlet. 

When he finally learns to put it all together, I'm really curious about how that carpet thread got up there.


Ocieanna Fleiss said...

Awesome! Thanks for the laugh. He's not naughty, just curious! Can't blame him for that. Glad you find amusement. It helps a mom to survive, I think. ;)

Musing of a Patched Heart said...

Oh no it can't be James you are talking about! You made me chuckle! Oh how I miss that season. Believe it or not toddlerhood was my absolute favorite time once I got over being exhausted.Thanks for letting me see into your world this morning :o)