Saturday, December 10, 2011


The island in the middle of our rental house kitchen is good for a lot of things. On this particular afternoon, we are using it to find a home for all the remaining Halloween candy. I've heard tell of people doing this; cutting up, freezing, setting aside all the chocolate candy for future use.

So we did that. 

And then we made a big batch of chocolate chip cookie dough 
+ peanut butter 
+ rolled oats 
+ Snickers, Kitkat and Milkyway pieces
+ M&Ms
and called it good.

Then we did it again a week later. We still have candy in the freezer.

1 comment:

Ells said...

oh I dearly want some candy now!!! :)

sounds like you have lots of cookies to eat now that you've used up your candy stash! How's the rental house working out?