Saturday, August 15, 2009

Josiah's Words

At 17 months, Josiah communicates with us quite a bit. It's time to make a list of all his funny words before he begins to say everything we say.

Mama/Mommy - Mommy
Dad'en- Daddy
Ah foh - Elephant
Pig sign - His special blankie ( Figure out that one!)
Bipee - Diaper
Bob'em- Bottom/Bathroom/Potty
Sh's (+ shoe sign) - Shoes
Milk sign - Milk
Please sign - Please
Please sign when being held - Please put me down
Grouchy, naughty grunts that sound surprisingly like Mercy- I don't like ____. Or I want something that you won't give me.
'A'Er - Water
Eat sign - Food/Hungry
More sign - More!
Nuney- Hungry
Uh Ah- Uh oh
'Nana- Banana
C'ackah- Cracker/food/cookie
Ch's - Cheese
Apple sign - Apple
'Zah! - Pizza
Bidee - Berry? Blueberry?
'Nah- Snack
All done sign - I'm all done with that food or drink.
A' dah!? - What's that?
See?! - Can I see that?
'nsieeh! -Inside
'asieeh! - Outside
Play sign - I want to play!
Train sign - Train (The train goes by our house 8 or 9 times a day)
Caaaw - Car
Airplane sign - Airplane
Uff uff - Dog
Mm oww - Cat
Pig sign - Pig
Bird sign - Bird
Me' mee- Mercy
'Ammy - Grammy
Dad dad- Grandad
Namaw- Grandma
Papaw- Grandpa
Paw- Pa
Gee- Joy
Beebee- Baby
Bah- Ball
Bee (+Book sign) Book
Buh (+ Boat sign) Boat
Crying sign - Someone(Michael, Mercy, Daniel) is crying.
Happy sign - Happy (when he's told to "Be a Happy Boy")
(Hands in the air) - Pick me up!
Brush teeth sign- Time to brush teeth.
Comb/brush sign - I'm brushing my hair.
Ny ny - Sleepy? 'Night 'Night
Bye bye! - Good bye

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