Thursday, August 6, 2009

Names, People!

I went in to see my OB today.

I'm about 35 weeks along in this pregnancy.

My due date is Sept 13.

He asked some of the standard questions:

Him: Is the baby moving?

Me: Yep.

Him: Any contractions?

Me: Not really any I've been concerned about. Maybe a few.

Then he says something like: Well, no need to stop 'em at this point. If you do go into labor, that's fine. I think you'll have this baby before Labor Day anyway. Be ready. I think you'll have the baby in about three weeks.



First of all, my firstborn came on his own but about 10 days late. With our second, I was eight or so days late when I kind of went into labor, stopped being in labor, and then was induced the following morning. And every child after that has made his or her appearance after being coaxed out by an induction.

So I'm thinking: Ha Ha, Doctor! Yeah, right.

After going over our conversation with my husband this evening he pointed out that if I did have the baby in three weeks, I would be within the 2 week span of time surrounding the due date. And really the due date is just a guess. Delivering 2 weeks before the due date or 2 weeks after (although that late sounds awful) is considered "on time".

Well, whatever. I know my doctor doesn't really have inside information on this pregnancy. He doesn't know when this baby will make it's appearance. But there are a few things that trouble me as I think about the short time we have before he or she will join us.

One of them is this:

Where are all these people going to sleep?

Bob and I keep coming up with "solutions" and then I go back to the drawing board because I just can't see how it's going to work.

Another is the name question.

We have two names, sort of. One for a boy. One for a girl. And I'm not wild about either of them. I want to be excited about our baby's name. I need some suggestions, you guys, just to get the juices flowing. I'm tired of the names we have and I want to think about some new ones. So leave your ideas in the comments, please!

And, no, I can't share the names we sort of have. It's just the rule.

I know there are more things that have been on my mind that belong in the "before baby comes" category but I can't think of them right now. I just don't feel very ready and putting all my not ready thoughts down here is maybe helping?

I'll come back and write down a more complete list of things to do when I form one because I think that will help too.


D. Lee Grooms said...


OK, probably not helpful.

Jodi said...

Well Mercy is my favorite girl's name right now, but you've already got that covered.

Other favorite girl's names: Ruby, Annie, Mary, Georgia, Janie, Sadie, Greta, Annabelle, Ainsley, Jana, Rainie, Amelia, Libby, Alice, Faith, Berkley.

Boys names are tougher. I like John. That's about it. Oh, and we considered Ezekiel, calling him Zeke. I like Joe too.

How exciting that your doctor thinks he or she will be early! Room sharing is tough with little ones. I was worried about Jack and Delaney sharing a room, and it was tough at first but we all got the hang of it after a month or so. I hope you reach a good solution! Can't wait for a baby announcement!

Ells said...

How about Cana? (KAY-nuh) I'll share our previous favorite girl's name with you 'cause I'm relatively certain we won't use it now: Melinda, with Melli for short. We also honeymooned at a spot in the Caribbean called Magan's Bay, and I thought it would be fun to call a daughter Magan, Meg for short. But we won't use that one either. ;)

Boys, we were going for Max (as in Max Bahr, the German equivalent of Home Depot - very masculine and German, especially with our last name, but it would totally go with Montgomery!). Clearly we were into "M" names for a while, but we've chosen different names now, so I am free to offer our former-favorites!

Ells said...

So, I do still like those names, and realize that I just offered you a bunch of cast-off names, as if you'd want to eat my half-licked ice cream cone. :( Totally not how I meant it to come across! I still like those names, but we have agreed on different ones.

Carol said...

Hi Rebecca and Bob, So, since I asked you in Chelan about the names, even though I know you never share, here are my ideas. Heath, for a boy, I think it sounds very strong. Then if you wanted to add some fun, use Bar for the middle name. Sorry, I couldn't resist. For a girl, I really like Grace, even thought there are quite a few of them out there. But I think it goes awesome with Mercy. That's all I have for now. I'll keep thinking but I guess I only have two weeks. Yeah! Love, Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Girls: Ruth, Abigail, Hannah, Eden. Or have you thought of naming her/him after someone you admire or want him/her to be like -such as Corrie for Corrie Ten Boom? Or John, for John Mueller? (Those are 2 of my favorite people.) Who are your and Bob's favorite Christian heroes of the faith? Or a Christ-like quality you'd like your child to be known for? You could look up that word in the Greek or Hebrew and see what you get, or find out what name holds that meaning. I happen to love the name Ambria for a girl, which is what we were going to use if we had a girl. From the root "Amber", which is a stone of purity. Her middle name would have been "Joy". So her name would have meant "pure joy". I always think of the meanings. Maybe you could think of what the Lord is teaching you and/or Bob during this time in your life, or through his pregnancy, and name the baby accordingly. (As long as it's not something like "bringer of much confusion as to where everyone will sleep and how we will all fit into the van". :) Love you, Rebecca, and will be praying that the Lord speaks to you and Bob the PERFECT name for this dear one, who looks to be coming soon! Love, Camee

megan said...

I just met someone who named their daughter Caliope...I'm not so sold on that, and thought I'd let you know in case someone suggested it. I also think you should skip Jesus, with the spanish J of course, because that could seem those are the ones I would avoid. But you asked for names that you could use...We have a few we're saving up, though you may not go for them anyhow as they do not have any remotely biblical roots. goes... How about Abigail, Asher, Gideon, Isaiah (too close to Josiah?), Leah, Levi, Hope...That's a start, and none of those have belonged to students who left negative lasting impressions - a good sign! I also enjoyed the suggestion of Grace! Good luck :)

amy said...

You could do honor for a girl or a boy.

I like the name melody for a girl, you could use that. :)

And liberty for a girl.

I'll keep thinking.

And I am so happy for you that you are so close. and that it is raining today!

Also, remember that you can try the room thing one way and then change your mind if that doesn't work. You are never stuck.
One additional idea is a murphy or trundle bed in the family room for you and bob giving another room for kids during this baby season. something to consider.

love you!

Soccermama said...

We were going to go with Elizabeth for a girl... because it has a great meaning and so many nickname variations. I also like Mary... because she was such a great example and NO ONE uses that name anymore. For boys, I'm still really pleased with Timothy... you don't hear it a lot, but it's a good name with a good bible history and Peter/Paul fall in that same category and have a different consonant that your other children. (Too many of the same and you mix them up...) Love and miss you!

Carolynn said...

Wow reading your comments and my children's names are in there! I feel honored (even though they were not ment for me). I love the name Joy and Levi, I also like Zoe (though I have no idea what it means). I also like Karl or Karleigh. We change rooms often and I am most pleased with our triple bunk However the top bunk is difficult for me to get to. I like not having the space on the floor used by a trundle. Also, LOVE the Ikea shelves that act like cubbies they keep everything organized(even for someone as disorganized as me).
I will pray for peace for your upcoming delivery and for JOY.

Rebecca M said...

Thanks everyone for your fun suggestions! I have really enjoyed re-thinking through our Names List with all of yours in mind. I don't know that we've gotten a lot closer to a final selection in the past week or so but I'm sure that, just as we have with each new baby, we will come up with a name at some point!

We're working toward preparing the closet in the kids' room (which has no door and almost no shelving) to hold Josiah's Pack'n'Play instead of the kids' dresser. Lots of clothing being shuffled around. With Jo in the P'n'p, Mercy will not be displaced from her spot and that just seems best for her right now.

And someday I would love for Bob to build a triple bunk bed! Probably after the kids learn how to put new sheets on their beds.

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorites:
Boy names: Levi, Nick, Jack, Luke, Gabriel, Noah, Will, James, Samuel, Jakob
Girl names: Hope, Ellie, Abby, Lucy, Elizabeth, Eden, Haley, Emma, Gracie, Chloe
Those are off the top of my head.
Remember RB: I didn't name Anna or Ben for 10 days each after they were born! xo Linda

Sue and Michael said...


I like Mathew for a boy,and Ashley or Jill for a girl. For a dog I like McKenzie, Scholar,or Taylor,or Hunter.............whoops,got carried