Friday, August 28, 2009

School and stuff

I'm still pregnant here. No baby yet and I think we're still aiming for around the 13th of September for a birthday for this little one.

We've made some more progress on names. The need to do this was brought on by the news that I am currently dilated to 2.5cm. 2.5cm doesn't mean a whole lot to me. I could hang out here at 2.5cm for a few weeks and have historically done so. What does mean a lot to me are the contractions I have that come and go. Mostly they remind me that my body is preparing for labor but they don't make me feel as though labor is going to happen TODAY. It's just good to know that my body is getting ready.

The kids and I have been "doing school" for the past couple weeks here at home. Our homeschool co-op begins around my due date and I wanted us all to be completely settled into our school routine at home before we added co-op and a baby into the picture. I know there will be many changes when I'm home with 4 kids and our newborn. I'm looking forward to the fact that, at our house, a well seasoned routine is easier to play around with than a brand new one.

Here's what our days look like: (Or at least this is what I've posted on the white board for my kids to follow)

Wake up
Get dressed
Morning Chores
-Daniel- Begin unloading dishwasher
-Michael- Sort the laundry
-Mercy- Return library books from the bedroom to the book bin
Quick Clean Up
Circle Time (Our little Bible Study and prayer time together)
School Time
-Daniel and Michael at the table with me for Math, Handwriting and Grammar
-Mercy enjoys Blanket Time playing by herself with something special
-Josiah plays nearby in his Packnplay
Chore Time
-Daniel-Finish Dishes, Make kids' beds and clean kids' room floor
-Michael- Finish Laundry, Take out trash and recycle items
-Mercy- Put her special toys away
Free Play
Alone Time
Lunch Time
Chore Time
-Daniel- Clear table
-Michael- Floor pick up around the house
-Mercy- Napkins from table to garbage
Rest Time (Boys have Read Aloud Time with me after I put younger two down)
Free Play
Clean Up for Daddy (because he's coming home soon)
Dinner Time

When co-op begins, we will also add more of a co-op based Bible curriculum to our Circle Time and a History component to our School Time.

I've learned the value of not attaching a time of day to each of these items in our routine because some things just take a lot longer than I've planned on a given day. I don't have to feel stressed or driven to get through Math so we can move onto Grammar. I've tried that and it just seems too harried. This means that we may have a later lunch or less Alone Time. I try to stick by my 1pm-3pm Rest Time boundary, though. That one is pretty firm.

And if a particular child is slow to finish chores during chore time, he can simply use his free play time to complete his jobs. That has become a pretty good motivator for Daniel and Michael to work more diligently at their chores and requires less of my involvement.

So that's what we're up to here at home!


Jodi said...

Fun! I love seeing what other people's days look like. Thanks for sharing!

megan said...

I think if I structured my time like that I would be a lot more effective as a member of the human race!

amy said...

I am with you on the flow chart vs. the timed out schedule.

For the last two months our schedule has looked like this:
1. try to keep the kids happy & safe (orally) while nursing
2. ask a brother to visit with or hold baby while I rush to get things done (like wipe a bum, make lunch, do dishes etc.)
3. put baby down for a nap and try to give the other kids attention.
Repeat over and over until bedtime.

At 10 weeks, I am beginning to consider adding things to the schedule. :)

Rebecca M said...

Amy, I'm sure I learned that the flow chart is better from you!

And thanks for sharing your schedule. As we get closer and closer to meeting this new baby, I'm starting to remember the reality of Life With Our Sweet Newborns. But my remembering is only a start and I'm thankful for your reminder of what it's like!

I'm praying that I'll hold onto the reins of this routine we have very loosely!

Stacey said...

I love this - thank you for sharing! I, too, work better with a general flow as opposed to a moment by moment schedule. We are still working out the kinks in ours....