Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2009

Here's a recap of our Christmas.

It won't be a quick recap because of the zillions of pictures and stories I wanted to include.

That's okay because I like pictures and stories.

As you may remember, we joined the Parents To Five Club in September. And with the added number of people in our household, we decided to tone things down a little on Christmas Eve. This meant that:

a) after a big gingerbread pancake breakfast with my sister who was visiting for the morning, we spent a quiet day at home

b) rather than choosing a meal that we enjoy but aren't very good at cooking (Roast Beast and Yorkshire Pudding) we opted for something we all like to eat that we all like to make: Pizza.

c) instead of an evening drive to see Christmas lights during which a sick toddler might fall asleep, we stayed home and enjoyed an impromptu Nutcracker Suite Dance Off Turned Wrestling Match.

My favorite quote of the evening: "I'm the Plump Sugar Fairy!" - Mercy

(I'm pretty sure she meant Sugar Plum...)

We read the Christmas story together from the Bible in the evening as well as O. Henry's Gift of the Magi and The Animals' Christmas Eve.

And Bob and I watched a movie, The Bishop's Wife. This is something we haven't done before on Christmas either. And as far as movies go, it was fun in a goofy way. We liked it.

Now for the pictures.

Our house, early Christmas morning. (That chair has got to go. Don't know why it's being showcased in this picture.)

Breakfast Christmas morning: Cranberry Orange Muffins That Needed More Sugar
Daniel said, "They go well with maple syrup, Mom!"

Josiah has spent the last three days sick with a fever. He alternated between weepy and cheery and sleepy. Poor guy. I think he still had a good day on Christmas.

Daniel and Michael open their stockings together...

and Mercy enjoys her new book.

Bob and I made wooden shields for the boys. Check out their fierce warrior faces!
Josiah has a weensy one, too. Daddy rocks the wood shop yet again!

After Christmas Morning at our house, we spent the rest of the day with my side of the family at my parents' house.
Lovely picture faces from Daniel and Mercy, here.

Josiah perked up while reading books with Auntie Heather.

Snuggly James got lots of love from Grandad and everyone else during his first Christmas ever!

This picture of the kids and my parents is brought to you by Jelly Belly.

My favorite Christmas moment occurred on Christmas Eve this year.

I had the rare opportunity to take a bike ride with Daniel in the bright cold afternoon sunshine. I wasn't pushing a stroller, carrying a baby in a front pack, encouraging a slower toddler. I was going to ride with just him.

When I told him I was going to really ride bikes with him, he ran up and hugged me. He chattered to me all through our ride, soaking up my attention and reminding me of the importance of seeking out time to play with each of my "older" kids. It warmed my heart to see how very much he enjoyed this special time with his mommy.

I hope Christmas was sweet and joyful for all of you!


Ells said...

what wonderful stories and pictures, Rebecca! Thanks!

amy said...

what fun & wonderful memories you are making and documenting!
Love seeing your sweet faces. My favorites are the Christmas morning ones in pj's. Love it.

Stacy said...

Wow. I am just thoroughly impressed that you took pictures. I consciously made a decision, with each gathering we were headed out to, to LEAVE the camera behind so as not to have another thing I should be doing. :)

Love Mercy's plump comment.

Love it that Daniel was so excited to spend one-on-one time with you.

Love the maple syrup comment~ such a content boy to have such a cheerful outlook! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (I LOVED your Christmas letter-idea, by the way. MY FAVORITE one this year, by far!)