Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Now that our Christmas projects are finished, it's time to move on to the kitchen (again).

The back of our counter space shown in this picture has been uncovered for the better part of a year or maybe 2 years? Too long.

Now it's covered with plywood! Yippee! No more giant crumb piles and lost pencils/legos/netflix envelopes underneath!

We didn't stop there. The upper cabinets in our kitchen were re-hung and painted white some time ago. Now most of the doors are on the upper cabinets. It's time to start on the bottom cabinets.

Here is an in- process shot: Post sanding, pre painting.

And now another mid process shot: I think this is just before the final coat of paint went on last night.

I couldn't resist adding a picture of one of our other projects.


amy said...

That James sure is yummy!

Great job tackling your projects! Now you deserve a vacation with some friends!

Carolynn said...

Great Job going forth on projects! I have a list a mile long~UGH. James looks soooooo much like Mercy! He is super cute.

Rebecca M said...

I forgot to mention our other major project: getting people healthy so we'll be already for that vacation!

It's like a cough symphony or something around here!

megan said...

Where are you going on vacation? That sounds wonderful!

Sue and Michael said...


Well, I am caught up now to the end of 2009 on your blog! I really liked your photos of the kids at Christmas. And your house looked Very Festive! What a touching moment when Daniel ran to give you a hug pre-bike ride; now there is a moment to freeze in time and carry in your heart....
I will. Love , Dad