Sunday, December 13, 2009


...a collection of Christmas Doings at our house.

Yesterday, we bundled up to go find our Christmas tree.

It's been cold! I love it!!

I love this smile, too.

The tree is quickly chosen and conquered...

(because however it looks at the tree farm... it's going to fit right in at home when the lights are on and all the ornaments are placed front and center at the height of a five year old)

And we head for the hot chocolate.

Next up: Cookie Bake Day!

This event is a well anticipated afternoon of cookie/candy making that we partake in each year.

Bob's family hosts this frenzy of activity that yields an amazing amount of sugary goodness for the child to adult ratio we have in our group.

We enjoyed some down time today at home decorating the tree and taking silly pictures.

This one is for Grammy: Mercy in her red dress...

I've had some very humbling moments during the last few full days and weeks as I continue to learn what it means to please God as a wife to my husband and a mother to this crew. In light of those moments, during which I'm being made increasingly aware of my shortcomings, I'm so thankful for the smiles and laughter captured here.

A peaceful, joyful and merry Christmas to you.


Ells said...

aw, Rebecca - what beautiful children. I love you, friend! Thanks for the update!

megan said...

Way to go enjoying the season with family and traditions! Was Mercy stirring those haystack kind of cookies? I'd love a recipe for those...though the ones I think of might be oatmeal based, I'm not sure. Merry Christmas!

amy said...

Such wonderful pictures! Love it.

But that picture of James blew me away. I don't know that boy! I can't wait to snuggle with him next month!

Sweet kids, fun times, and I don't know the details of your humbling but I do understand the feeling. I pray that He is providing all that you need.

Love you!