Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Hike Numero Dos

We took our second big family hike a few weeks ago. You can read about the first one here.

This time we opted for a more real feeling hike; you know, more gorp and switchbacks and less cellphonetalkerdogwalkers. The last one was great and close by for many of us but we were looking to increase the difficulty and get out in to the mountains a little bit more.

Everybody's ready. (Dad is taking the picture... My sister couldn't make it this time. Boo.)

We drove a little way up toward Snoqualmie Pass to a happy, well-maintained trail to Ollalie and Talapus lakes.

This time we were better equiped for carrying the two little boys. Josiah is very enthusiastic about hiking. He started out on the ground but spent most of his time in the big pack on Daddy's back. Hooray for friends who are willing to lend us their baby carriers! We might still be there if we all went at Jo's pace.

We took lots of breaks for water, Power Pellets and exploring. I love streams like this. I want one in my backyard.

I'm just going to put this whistle in my mouth and hold it there. It's not an emer... an emernussie. - Mercy

Trail mix...

Our crew:

We made it up to the lake to eat our lunch together and play in the water. Bringing little paper trays to serve as plates helped to streamline the lunch prep process. That's a lot of meat stick slicing when you are feeding 10 hungry hikers.

These guys are shaping up to be master hikers.

Grandad and James take in the lake.

We made it back out with everyone intact and happy. And then we had a rootbeer float fest at this crazy place in North Bend. Yum.

(If you go, skip the burgers and enjoy some fun but expensive shakes or floats. Just my 2 cents.)

We hope to squeeze in one more hike before the summer's end. I know Daniel is hoping for a real overnight trip for the big boys but we'll see what happens.

A question for you hikers out there: What's more important to you in choosing a hike; a fulfilling destination like a lake or a pretty view or a pleasant trail? ( I like it when you get both! )


Ells said...

Oh Josiah, with the tiny hiking shoes and bandanna!!! You are wonderful!

amy said...

Oh I want to go hiking with you guys! This looks like so much fun. I love hiking too.

I totally know what you mean about cellphonetalkersdogwalkers! We went on a hike when we were in Oregon. It was a nice 2 miles or so straight up. Anyway, there was this one woman who passed us twice (going up and coming down) doing laps and she was talking on the phone the whole time! We found it funny.

I am all about the destination! Having something to look forward to is key. Unless it is a loop. Then the prettiness of the path is nice and the car is the reward.

Fun pictures Rebecca!

Carla said...

I love your hiking pictures. Mercy and that whistle were such as cute combination. i miss WA. hikes! Someday we'll have to put our parades together and come with you :)

Sue and Michael said...

RB- looking forward to family hike Numero Tres! Sept 11 or 25? We have to check in with Dr. Social Butterfly first (your sister) to make sure she's not flying off to some wedding! Tell Daniel we will rev up the backpack stove, shake out the water filter, de-moth the tents, and do an overnight next season. Now, on to Mt Rainier and more GORP!

Candice said...

So fun! What a beautiful hike! Jealous...doesn't look like that here in Kansas... :)