Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Faces I Love

So, I'm a busy mom, like all moms out there. And recently, I've noticed a need in myself to smile more, particularly with and at my kids. Somehow it helps me to stop and remind myself that these busy little people that I am with...? I love them. I do. In an enduring, even when it's been a really rough day kind of way.

Maybe it's sad that I need that reminder. But I do. And when I stop and think about how I love them and why I love them, my perspective improves somehow. So today I'm sharing some of these little faces that I love.

Daniel... not quite in focus here. Definitely focused everywhere else! He is almost 9 years old.

 Michael, who will solve the world's problems by the time he is... I mean in about 20 minutes. He is 7.

 Mercy. 5.5 years and destined to have as many freckles as me. This one has a lot to teach me...

 Yep. This is Josiah. 3 and 1/2 years of weirdness all crammed into a size 2T spider costume.

 I love my James. He is 2 and chubby and I love the way his ears fold down in this hat.

 And Reuben... 5 months. I should take pictures of all his baby fat creases sometime before they disappear.

So there they are. I'll come back here tomorrow and look at them again if I need another reminder. 

Oh wait. Here are a couple more that I couldn't leave out:


Stacy said...

Those are some ADORABLE faces, Rebecca!

And you're a great mom doing enormously challenging work-- but OH SO IMPORTANT!

Have a great day with those great children tomorrow!


Carol said...

You are blessed as a mom and photographer. Love to all!