Sunday, October 23, 2011

Typical Again

So if you are just joining us, I've been recording a typical school day. Let's get back to the action.

So I'm still feeding Reuben and James has come to visit me... This can be a challenging time for me and the smallest people in my house. I think I really used to read to them... I'm pretty sure that was a standard activity when Mercy was a newborn. I would sit with Daniel and Michael and read to them. 

Josiah is ready to meet the challenge of Reuben's mealtime HEAD ON! It looks like the walkie talkie antenna is in a weird place, doesn't it?

 Settling disputes... I didn't realize how much of my time would be spent helping the kids to treat eachother kindly... any moms out there want to venture a guess at how often we do this? I mean, it's a worthy lesson to teach at home but wow. Sometimes it feels like it's the only lesson I'm teaching. And I wonder if it's sinking in. At all.

I'm happy and full!

I spit everywhere. EW.

And because he spits everywhere, it's time for a bath...

James really really wanted to help. I unwittingly let him play with a cake of soap that was on the counter. Soap Face!

More helping.

My big boys do their math assignments after our morning break...

And if they are diligent, they are typically done well before this time. To Daniel's credit, he did spend some time taking pictures for me and he was the unseen helper during Reuben's bathtime.

And finally, lunchtime. 

So there we are. 

A full morning of school and busy kids. 

It used to be that our afternoons were reserved exclusively for resting which meant that I had a bunch of time to myself. Now, after lunch, the older kids and I tackle the subjects that require the least interruptions and Josiah, James and Reuben rest.

If you know me and my tendencies in parenting, what activity from this day is NOT typical?


Anonymous said...

I love hearing all about your days! It is like I am right there with you! Fun.

I lament often all the picture books I used to read to my older kids when they were the little ones. Now it take a lot of effort to remember to read to my little people. I wonder what the effects will be?

I remember also how after lunch time was rest time for everyone. That sure is different now!

My guess for the unusual activity: the bath!


Stacy said...

I'm just guessing, here- but my guess is that the bath-in-the-middle-of-the-day is NOT typical.

I only do that when there's been a *really* messy diaper.

But hey!- we all got to see Reuben's chubby rolls. :)

We still rest after lunch, and I am holding on to that with every fiber of my being.

Settling disputes: oh my. Right there with you. Isn't it exhausting? *sigh*

And- I create work for myself, too- by intervening when I see or hear something happening. Mark does more of the "let them take care of it" approach. I need to learn that approach. :)

Heather said...

You might have also forgotten to document the trips to the freezer for your parent-power-pellets (chocolate chips) between each school subject and "how to be kind" lesson. :) great pictures!

Rebecca M said...

And yes, Stacy and Amy you are both right- my kids, even my babies don't get baths as often as once a day. Unless they are super messy. :)
And Heather, I thought it might be a bit boring to show a picture of my chocolate stash between each picture of the kids. But you are right- that is a very important part of my day, every day!