Friday, October 21, 2011


If you read here, I hope you know that I'm doing this to preserve and remember much more than I am to prescribe. 

The other day I set about our school morning with camera in hand, just to try and capture what is typical for us right now. And remember: I said "typical". I had a little help with the photography when I needed an extra hand. 

First lessons of the morning: ready to practice our memory work. James in the packnplay sucking on a ...Knife?, Josiah on his blanket.

And...we're reciting.

Josiah stays on his blanket during Bible but the Bumbo seat he's sitting in is own special addition for today.

Oh good. Plastic knives. James plays here during Bible each morning. Usually he isn't still in his jammies... 
A note about homeschooling and housework: they generally aren't compatible goals. So we leave the morning dishes and clean up until we take a break to do chores later. This leaves us fresh energy for school. I spend a lot of time telling myself, "It will get done. It will."

After Bible comes History. We've just finished a 6 week unit on Early Colonial America. My older boys' favorite thing is to color these maps from Story of the World.

Mercy hasn't quite figured out why they like it so much.

James, still in his jammies, takes a turn on the blanket during History. Happy James.
Josiah is in there. He plays with a rotating selection of toys during his Alone Time while we study History. I think this is his happiest time of day and I will leave him to it. *tiptoes back down the hall*

Reuben is still in the stage of many naps a day. Doesn't he look cozy?

I think Mercy was having a particularly difficult time managing her mope on this day. We're almost done with maps and history... then the boys do copywork and Mercy does some handwriting practice. After that: RECESS.

We take a break before the boys hit their math books. Reuben gets a meal and James and Josiah join us.

**And I think I'll take a break here too.**


Jodi said...

I love this little peek into your day, Rebecca! And glad that James' knife was just plastic... that was funny!

Carolynn said...

Love It!! I still am trying to implement the blanket time. It seems much smoother than letting them wander.Great Job!!