Thursday, June 25, 2009

And speaking of new things...

... we've had some new issues at bed time now that all three older kids, who sleep in the same room, are allowed to get out of bed to use the bathroom at bed time if the need occurs. And the need does seem to occur more often than Bob and I think is really necessary.

Bob calls it The Parade to the Bathroom.

It begins with one child who decides to go. He wanders out to where we are which in a smallish house is not very far away from his bed.

He tells us of his plans to use the bathroom.

He picks at fuzz on the floor.

He kicks a few toys Sounders fashion and tells us how he plans to be a soccer player.

We interrupt to steer him back towards the bathroom. He goes, cleans up and finishes his personal bathroom cycle by swatting his sister ninja-style.

How else will she know that it's now her turn to go potty?

Mercy, crying because of the swatting she received now makes her way out to where we are. She is redirected to the bathroom. Her brother is disciplined for the unaskedfor ninja-ing. Mercy finishes in the bathroom and delivers her own smacks to Brother who is hanging sideways out of his bed, in the dark. He hurts himself trying to retaliate.

Discipline and comfort are dished out to the various people in the room who require them and Bob and I return to our post-dinnertime repose.

But we're listening. Because pretty soon someone will yell to let us know that the cd is skipping... or that we forgot to bring them waters... or that Tigger's jammies won't go back on.

Clearly, we've been remiss in dealing with these little issues at their sprouting and they've grown into habits that we've allowed.

Today, I installed a little reminder on the floor that I'm hoping will help a little, at least with The Parade to the Bathroom which consistently veers off course towards more exciting destinations than the actual Bathroom.

Cross the line on the way to the bathroom or for any other reason after you've been tucked in and the discipline shall fall swiftly, my child.


Ells said...

Well, I hear you on the issues. I definitely remember giving my own 'rents the same kind of grief when I shared a room with two brothers. (If you don't stop singing I will give you a spanking. I don't care that you're having fun. Go to sleep!)

Chad and I think you and Bob are fantastic parents, and loved the way your kids listened and obeyed at the picnic - they obeyed so quickly, yet were so full of life and joy!

Our Four Kids said...

I love it, Rebecca! Are you sure you weren't describing our three children who share a room? I think we need to get some tape out too!!! Great idea! :)

Soccermama said...

Wow! So it's not just our kids... or lax parenting since the baby was born. They need water, they're "having bad thoughts" Timmy's blanket is "broken." Consistency is definitely the hardest for me, and the challenge to handle it gracefully and patiently, because by 8:30, I'm DONE! :o)

Cutzi said...

Oh Rebecca... love this. As with your other commenters, same thing happens over here. I feel like we're consistent but am quickly learning that consistency doesn't necessarily merit results. Dang. Isn't it supposed to be a formula that you just plug your kids into? ;-)

Are you guys coming up this way any time this summer? Would love to see you!

amy said...

So, did it work? What a creative idea! Love it.

Rebecca M said...

Thanks all for the fun comments!

Beth- It was so fun to see you two recently. And yes, I recall pulling the same string of stunts for my parents at bedtime, too. I don't think I went to bed cheerfully until I was married.

Natalie- Ha! Timothy's blanket is "broken"!? That's one I haven't heard yet! Mercy does tell me sometimes that she's having "naughty thoughts" and I'm not sure exactly what to make of that.

Stephanie- I could hook you up with my magic green tape- it's actually crepe paper and packing tape but I'll share it with you!

Cutzi-The fruit seems to be a long time coming sometimes, doesn't it! Keep at it! ;)

And Amy- Yes! This has helped with some of the issues, particularly at nap time when Mercy makes a game of coming out every 10 minutes on pretense that she has to go potty. Amazingly, since she can't come all the way out to find me now, she only comes out to go potty once or twice during her rest rather than 7 or 8 times.

I'm enjoying the quiet!

Carla said...

hahaha, shared bedrooms can be a challenge. My boys share a bedroom but the age gap often causes issues. I usually end up putting the 5 year old in my bed so he can sleep without a two year old trying to sit on his head...and then sneak him back later. What fun. ;) I love the tape on the floor! My bad habit confession is the two year old who takes a sippy cup of water to bed ...and often wakes up in the night asking for more (sometimes I even put some milk in it...anything to get him back to sleep and me back to bed!) By 8pm I'm so done...nice mommy is gone for the day and ugly mommy comes out to play :)