Monday, June 8, 2009

Bath time and pregnant time

Just a quick post for the record. You know, the record I'm recording.

None of our kids get baths very often right now but this clearly shows that Josiah is enjoying the benefits of one.

A little soaphawk...

Me, at about 24 weeks, I think. This was a few weeks ago so imagine me bigger if you want to.

Standard poses from my non-standard kids.


Carla said...

I love your "non-standard" kids. My kids are totally wierd too so I can appreciate non standardness :)
p.s you look curvaciously lovely.

Stacy said...

You are such a cute pregnant mama! :)

Oh, and Mark and I have this running joke about Audra and her lack of baths since she's been born. I think by the time she was two months old we figured she'd had two. Only two. That's about our average, actually. WHO HAS TIME FOR BATHS, ANYWAY? Sheesh.

As for the others... the swimming pool counts for a bath, right?


amy said...

Cute pregnant mama! Cute baby Josiah!