Friday, June 5, 2009

Heat Wave

It's been unseasonably warm in these parts this week. Mid-nineties is not how I like to spend my spring but my garden sure has taken off.

Here's what we've been doing to keep cool!

First, we set up the Baby Pool.

(Josiah is practicing one of his words, here. Can you guess what it is?)

Second, the Slip and Slide comes out of hibernation. For those of you have been to our house recently, it does indeed hibernate in a pile in the backyard. A big dirty pile with slugs. But look! It's all clean now!

Third, head to the beach for dinner! Bring the Beerocks you made early in the day for easy traveling food.

Finally, make sure to at least wash your feet before you crawl into your bed and pray that it won't be so hot tomorrow.


Stacy said...

i remember you don't so much love the heat. :)

love your baby pool.

we just recently tried out kendra's beerocks recipe, too.

Our Four Kids said...

Fun day! Love the baby pool! Which beach is that? We should meet you there sometime when it gets hot again!

Carla said...

I'm a little jealous of your weather. We've been super unseasonably COLD here. We even saw some snow this weekend while we were camping...brrrr. We are getting rain today though for the first time this year. My grass might green up after all! Now we just need some warmth so we can haul our rubbermade into the back year for a "swim" too :)