Thursday, June 25, 2009

A little update

The dishwasher is fixed! Hooray! Since the dishwasher is all loaded up and running, I have some time to blog a little about what we've been doing this month.

Bob and I decided it was high time that the kids learn our address, about personal safety and what to do in an emergency, etc. I planned a little "unit" with these goals in mind and we've been having fun with safety related activities for the past few weeks.

For our family, it is important to center all of this talk about "hazards" and how to prevent them and "caution" and 911 in the promises we find in God's Word so we've been memorizing this verse:

"The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe."
Proverbs 18:10

It is God who blesses us with the wisdom and the ways to keep ourselves safe and ultimately He holds us all in His hands and protects us.

This is a picture of our "tower" with many of our vocabulary words (written and illustrated by the boys and Mercy) attached to it. When the mood strikes us, we line up, ball in hand, and try to hit one of the words on the wall. Then we define it and discuss it a little and practice taking turns.

Our discussions and activities on personal safety culminated in an exciting visit to the local police station. Our little town has a tiny little station-just the right size for our tour.

I'm pleased with how the whole safety unit has come together. In a week or so, we'll begin discussing fire safety and I'm really hoping to wind that up with a trip to a fire station, too.

This past week I've been taking us all to the local pool each morning for our first swimming lessons. None of our kids are exactly comfortable in the water, even in the bath or shower setting at home.

("There's WATER in my EYEeeEEES!!!")

I was a little unsure about how swimming every morning for two weeks would go. Thankfully, Mercy, Daniel and Michael are all doing really well. I've had a few reflections from Michael that he isn't super keen on some of the things he is asked to do but each day we've discussed how we can do better at jumping in or putting our whole face in the water tomorrow.

Grammy visits and watches swimming with Josiah

I experienced this funny but good feeling on the first day of swimming. There I was with Josiah on my lap, sitting in the stands. Off went Mercy and Michael to their class and Daniel to his... and I got to watch! I thought to myself, "Now this is so nice! I can just enjoy what they are learning and encourage them from the sidelines here."

We're ready!

We just haven't done organized sports or classes much yet so it was a brand new experience for me.

Oh and we've been making jam, too. All the strawberries are done. Waiting for raspberries to be ready...

Hooray for doing new things!


amy said...

so, so cool! love it all! thanks for the update friend.

(one hand typing, thus to the point ;)

Our Four Kids said...

You are a busy and creative lady, my friend! Did you go and pick strawberries? I've never made jam -want to teach me?

Ells said...

I love that picture of the kids in their swimsuits! At the picnic Monday I rolled Michael up in a ball and called him a 'silly egg' - he kept coming back and asking for more. What a fun boy! We loved hanging out with you and Bob and the kids.

Your strawberry jam looks super tasty. :)

Have fun with your fire safety unit!

Sue and Michael said...

June 2009: I uh, like the pics of the strawberry jam. I don't remember getting any from you last summer. I think I have an empty jam jar with a note in it about some blueberry something or other......hmmmmmmm

Love dad