Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I really have TWO babies...

A post in which I will contemplate how close in age my youngest two are.

And some pictures, too.

Good morning, James!

Josiah and James are just under 18 months apart. I know people have children that are closer in age than these two... (Megan, here's your picture of Josiah holding James!)

And Michael was just 1 and a half when I had Mercy... So we've done this combo before.

But Josiah still seems very much a baby to me. Maybe it's that he stopped nursing only 8 months ago. It just wasn't that long ago that I was taking him in as a newborn to the same lactation consultant lady that I saw this week with James.

Sweet little boys... I love how God has created this family of ours. Two boys on the top end, my girl in the middle, and two boys on the bottom. So much potential for special sibling friendships.

Goodnight James!


Cutzi said...

Ok... the babies are cute and all. But YOU Rebecca, are glowing! I love it. Thank you Lord for the blessing of being a mama!

amy said...

Oh my goodness! James is SO stinkin' cute!
You DO have two babies! How is it going? Are you handling the taxation of two babies OK?
Lactation consultant? Does this mean that James is having trouble nursing too?
I agree with Cutzi, you look great!
Praying for you friend!

megan said...

It's nice that Josiah holds James, but James doesn't seem too happy about it!!! Your children are lucky to have such a loving mom and dad! So...keeping with the pattern, it will be a girl next, right?

Anonymous said...

So adorable!!! And precious and sweet, and I wish I could kiss and snuggle him! Congratulations again Rebecca. Another beautiful child. Thank you Jesus!

Carla said...

You have a busy but adorable family! James is so sweet...wish I could pop over for a baby fix. :)