Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Four Eyes

Recently, Michael became our first child to wear glasses. Turns out that he is rather nearsighted.

I assume that all the kids will need glasses at some point in their adolescence. Both Bob and I require aid for our vision. For me, it's those blinders that horses wear in parades. Keeps me from getting distracted in the ice cream aisle while doing the big Grocery Shop for the family.

For Bob, well, he got a Virtual Boy stuck on his head back in the early nineties. Never could get it off. But would you want to?

So Michael and I made a visit to the eye doctor...

...where he smiled real big and was given football cards for his efforts.

Since then, I've been trying to capture the little boy handsome-ness he displays while wearing them.

If you know Michael, you know he's a mover and that it's hard to capture him on film at times.

And now you also know how Michael looks in his War Paint.

Michael, you've been doing an awesome job at keeping your glasses "on your face, or in their case"! I'm so thankful that you remember to take them off before you wrestle! And I really do think you look handsome in your new glasses, Buddy.


megan said...


Gigi said...

Not only handsome but smart. Maybe I should look into getting a pair (tee hee). Seriously though, stay away from the tinted ones. If you need encouragement, look at Joe's old pictures (he would heartily agree).

Hilary said...

He is very handsome! I love the glasses. Very interesting... my Sam is ALSO left-handed, and ALSO near-sighted, which our eye-doctor said is very unusual for someone so young! Unfortunately, the similarities end there... "on your face or in their case" was exactly our rule, too, but it didn't work... Sam's are in 4 pieces... again. Sigh.