Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Early Labor Record

As many of you know, I'm getting pretty close to having my fifth child. My due date is officially this coming Sunday.

Unlike any of my other pregnancies, I've been experiencing lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and prelabor signs. Really, I can't remember having any contractions at all until I'm in the hospital being induced for 3 out of the 4. The other one, my first, started at home and ended at the hospital but my memory of it is clouded by the fact that it was 7 years ago.

During dinner time last night, I was having some pretty consistent contractions and while I didn't really have the patience for doing so, my husband and I began writing down how often the contractions were coming, how strong they were, etc.

My contractions were coming between 2-10 minutes apart and we had listed some of them as "mild", "moderate", "stronger". You get the idea.

Daniel took one look at it and said, "Early Labor Record?! I'm going to make one, too!"

He brought this to us a few minutes later:

Really? "Ninja like" contractions?

(This made Bob and I just about fall down laughing, except that I was having a contraction and holding a sleepy Josiah).

And he wasn't done...

Pray for us as we enter into this time of superheroic measures of contractions!


Jodi said...


Oh man, little boys are the best!

Hoping for a smooth labor for you Rebecca! (Free of ninjalike contractions...those sound unpleasant.) Can't wait for a baby introduction!!! Yay!!!

Stacy said...

Oh, Rebecca!

That is priceless! :)

Praying for you...

Cutzi said...

So funny! What did we ever laugh about before we had kids? They're the best.

You can be sure I will be praying for you as well. Can't wait to hear the news!

Carol said...

That is too hysterical! What an adorable moment in time. I wish for you a "walk in the park", "play at the beach", "read a book" kind of labor. Hi to all! I love you Rebecca, Aunt Carol

Ells said...

hilarious!!! I hope you will name some of your contractions "Frank and Joe" - what a guy Daniel is! I'm praying for you!

amy said...

HIL-arious! Love it!
My boys will be impressed.

I love how our boys are being raised this way. To blend their all boy-ness (of super heros) with the domestic understanding of family (measuring contractions). Perfect!

I've been prayin'...

Gigi said...

I never knew how to put those contractions into words. Thanks Daniel! However, I don't think there are words for the pushing part... well, not words one should write. Maybe just loud noises. Really loud. Daniel, so creative- I love you kid.

Carolynn said...

We keep checking on you and I sure have experienced ninja like contractions and hope that you do no have to experience them this time. I love his writing and his compassion! Blessings.