Friday, September 18, 2009


James William Montgomery

Born at 11:13 am on September 15, 2009

8 lbs 3 ozs.

20.5 inches long

Welcome, Sweet Baby James!

Looking a little pumpkin-y today, James... Amy, this picture is for you. Check out all that crazy hair!

Hooray! James is here!!


Carla said...

Love the hair! Congratulations guys. You know its a fifth child when you send him out to play on the slide at 3 days old. :)

amy said...

Wow! LOVE it! His hair IS amazing. Such a sweet newborn baby boy.
That is so cool that you have a picture of all five of them! We still don't have one. Not one of all five yet. It's a great picture.

But the picture that caused me to mutter outloud is the one of James in the pac-n-play. It's seeing him in there, knowing that he needs to be to keep him safe from brothers and sisters love. And Josiah climbing up to get a look. Oh man. I just know all about it. I will pray for you all as you balance protecting James and allowing brothers and sisters to love. :)

What a bunch of sweet, sweet kids!

Jodi said...

HOORAY!!! Welcome sweet James, and congratulations to your whole family!!!

What a wonderful name you chose- I love it! Praying for rest and some extra sweet days of enjoying that baby! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca, what a sweet family you and Bob have. Prayers for you during this sweet and sometimes unpredictable adjustment to 5! :o) Love to you all, natalie

Carolynn said...

Congrats!! What a blessing. I love the name. I actually had one son named James for about 12 hours, my husband would not stop calling him Jimmy Boy. James is a great name! I love the picture of all the children together and especially the one of a newborn in a pac n play. You don't do that with the first couple of children.
Good Luck with the adjustment and try to get some sleep! God Bless you and your newest addition.

Stacy said...


I love all these pictures, but especially that final one with all five (FIVE!) of your beautiful children!!

Congratulations, dear Rebecca. And Bob. And grown-up Montgomery children!

James is absolutely adorable!

Rejoicing with you for God's lavish goodness!

megan said...

Everyone is smiling. In all the pictures. That says so much about your family and how you have developed their ability to share their love with each other. I'm waiting for the one where Josiah is holding James...I can only imagine how that would go!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo, Bec! I can hardly wait to kiss those cheeks and stroke that hair.. He's adorable and I can see he's the most popular person in the house now, as he should be. Great job making it through yet another pregnancy and delivery; what a reward in the end!
♥ Maile

Anonymous said...

Hey! Congratulations! I love the name James. September 15th is a great day - also Guatemala's Independence Day. And his hair is marvelous.


Anonymous said...

I love how in the last picture all the kids are like "YAYYY!!!" ~ except Josiah, who is like, "Huh? Wha? I'm not the baby any more??" Looking through the photos I was oohing and awwing and tearing up, and then I was giggling at the end! Lots of love in that family. They sure are blessed to have you as their momma, Rong-E-Bong!! Love you XO
Camee :)