Friday, January 1, 2010


Just a little something that Josiah has been doing that I want to remember... because it's funny when your child is afraid of something and obsesses about it.

Well not really. Not funny ha-ha.


We had to go ahead and watch the claymation Rudolph movie a week or so ago despite the proven fact that the " 'Bominable Snowman" will scare any child in our household between the ages of 1 and 4.

Or 1 and 7.

The older kids just won't admit they are scared.

Prior to the viewing of this movie, Josiah had begun to call pretty much every creature depicted in a story or as a toy, a "Ra". I think it began with creatures that might make the sound "Rrrrraaa!" like tigers, bears, ninjas, Lego men with scowls on their faces, GI Joes in the throes of battle, etc.

Josiah didn't seem fearful of any of these Ras.

Josiah plays with a Ra before bedtime

But with the 'Bominable, it was another story.

A few mornings ago, Daniel reported to me that the first thing Josiah said when he woke up was: No Ra.
No Ra?
No Ra.

And when it was time to watch another movie, which we've been doing a little more often while the kids recover from a bad cold, the mere mention of a movie was enough to send Josiah into the corner wimpering, "No, no Ra. No Ra!"

Poor guy.

And his mommy just thinks it's cute and writes up a big old post about it.


Anna Impossible said...

Well he is cute. Post away!

Sue and Michael said...

I hesitate to be the one to divulge this, but I have heard father BOB, produce a very loud and unnerving, "RAH", while playing with the kids. It scared me too, Josiah.......