Saturday, January 16, 2010

All The Babies OR Mercy's Birthday Post

We have several babies in our home right now.

It's pretty clear to all the kids that James is a baby. And Josiah falls into that category I think as well. He's been described by the older children as the "bigger baby".

And although she doesn't consider herself to be a baby in actuality, Mercy pretends to be one about 75% of the time. She imitates baby speech, walks on her tip toes with her arms way out in front and swaddles herself in blankets. She tells me that her toddler bed is really a crib because there are sides on it so babies can't fall out. Sometimes she drools on purpose.

She walks around with her fingers in her mouth and answers questions with words like "Ma-Ma" and "Eh" or with the most recent sound James has made. When she initiates a conversation it usually begins like this:

"I wish I was a baby because..."

But a new day has come.

Well it came and went last Monday.

It was Mercy's 4th birthday.
And I'm going to do as much as I can to make being the "big girl" that she is seem like the most desirable age to be.

Already she and I have had several conversations about the special privileges of "big girls".
Mercy is going to practice using scissors and help put the soap in the laundry and cook with me more. She may even take a month or two of gymnastics.

All because she is a big girl now.

I'm hoping to curb the baby behavior on this end rather than to continue with the ineffective and somewhat confusing discussions about when it's okay to act like a baby.

And I'm also praying that I will model contentment. How often do I have to stop myself from saying "I wish..."? Whether or not I say it out loud, I know I'm often thinking "I wish..." or "If only..." or "Wouldn't it be better if..."

"Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment..." 1 Timothy 6:6

Happy 4th Birthday, Moose!

I love having you in my life, my shadow, my helper, my big girl!!


Ells said...

love, LOVE that picture of you with your girl! Makes me want to have babies. :)

Gigi said...

Luca said about the first few pictures, "Look at these babies." I'm looking forward to seeing Big Girl Mercy soon.

Carolynn said...

My older daughter loved being a puppy, in fact she only answered to scruffy puppy! I had to say, come and stay. There are benifits to it being a baby not a dog. However being a big girl is so much better. Congrats!

One of Three said...

Tea Parties. Just you and her. Little sandwiches. Special cookies. Set the table while the water boils. NO BOYS! Steep the tea and talk about...whatever big girls talk about...drink tea, eat treats.