Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Waaaay back when...

Sometimes, I just need to be reminded of how things used to be.

Not that long ago.

These pictures were taken just about 4 years ago. Right after Mercy joined our two little boys.

Back then we had two toddler beds. We apparently used a baby monitor (it's in the piano picture) in the living room which is all of 10 feet from our baby room. I think I protected the kids' heads from the fireplace hearth with a giant body pillow.

Some things are the same.

Daniel still has Tee. He still wears that cape. Michael still drums and wants to be where his brother is most of the time. The jammies 18 month old Michael were wearing to bed are still here. Josiah is now zipped inside them for bed. We have a new baby in our home.

And Daddy still reads to everyone. All at once. There are just quite a few more who are looking for a spot in his lap.

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amy said...

So true. I saw a picture the other day of Aidan at 2 years old and it almost hurt to see, so much has changed. But thankfully, so much is the same too --like you said. These are still our babies, even if they are 7 & 9.
Good job putting it into words.