Monday, January 25, 2010


Welcome to yet another re-cap of a fun week spent on the east side o' the mountains.

After a busy Christmas time, a packed week of remodeling at home and a week of our new and improved school routine at home, Bob and I packed up our family and headed to Cheland to play. An especially exciting addition to this visit east was the anticipation of time with these friends!

This is what it looked like while we were there:

During the winter months, the lake level is quite a bit lower than in the busy summer boating season. A large sand bar emerges and the muddy expanse lends itself to a new kind of beachcombing.

We came with hopes of a little snow play. I was so happy to see that we didn't have to leave the resort for some of our sledding fun.

Mercy treks back up the hill...

Two buddies slide down...

And bite it at the bottom.

Cold and wet weather provided for fun indoor time too. Puzzles, legos, good books, afternoon pool time and several rounds of bingo complete with prizes (!!!) filled the kid portion of our evenings. What fun to be able to tuck in our kids and enjoy some grown up games and treats four nights in a row!

By the end of the week, Bob and I felt like we had been at a refreshing parenting conference. These friends of ours are in a very similar season of life... down to the minute sometimes. We are so thankful to be able to toss ideas and persue God's best for our families together.

Here are some smiling big boys...

And a sweet little boy.

Oh! And the Scavenger Hunt! I can't forget to talk about the Scavenger Hunt.

Here we are, listening as Bob explains the task of each team. I love what's going on in the big boy section of this picture... "I want to be on YOUR team!" It is so neat to watch friendships between these guys grow.

Each team hunted for beach type items... a small fluffy feather, a rock with a stripe in it, a walking stick. And Bob planted a few items ahead of time as well to add to the fun.

It was a cozy week full of the simple rhythms we have come to love for our vacation time; relaxed breakfasts, a morning outside, family lunch time and a nap, a group trip to the indoor pool, ending the day with a meal and a game or two.

We're back home again, schooling and playing and cleaning up and answering this question:

"Mommy, when are going to go to Cheland again?"


amy said...

Oh Rebecca, what a treasure.
You guys are such great friends. We had such a great time with you too. LOVE these pictures. I wonder if we brought home any? Good job with the recap. I am so bad about taking and re-caping pictures. I need to improve on that. You've inspired me!

Good times indeed!

Tony said...

Congrats! You are raising up the 2nd generation of Cheland kids.
Every year we took a pic of the kids be the W/P entrance sign. Fun, memories, in any season.